Rehab Advice For Those Who Flip Houses

  Rehab What to rehab, how much and how far do you go? Knowing what to rehab, how much you spend and how far you go with it is a moving target. Always keep in mind that you are not living here, tenants are. You need to rehab according to the market that your rental […]

Turning Rental Problems Into Profits

  Managing Your Own or Your Clients’ Rentals   Introduction No Pain, No Gain   Exercising your anxiety threshold I believe every beginning investor must go through some trying experiences in order to really test their mettle and push through their perceived barriers of stress and anxiety. I was no exception and I have a […]

Wholesaling Real Estate the Correct Way – For Investors and Agents Alike

If you are a real estate investor or agent who works with investors then this article was written for you.     Real Estate Wholesaling How It Works If you have a short term memory then make sure you implant permanently what I am about to tell you. The way wholesaling works (in fact, the […]

Hi Rise Apartments

Interested in apartment buildings?

The following is a description of the different classifications of residential multi-unit properties. If you service investors or are interested yourself in these types of properties then this article is for you.   Common Classifications of Residential Investment Properties 1. Garden 2. Mid-Rise 3. High-Rise 4. Others Garden Apartments Located in suburban or rural areas […]

How do successful real estate agents promote themselves to investors?

  Marketing How do you market yourself as an Investor Agent? Join Local Investor Clubs – I have belonged to multiple investor clubs. I highly recommend REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) clubs. There are some with hundreds and thousands of members. Every time I go to a meeting I get multiple deals – listings, buyers and […]

Make more money not more work

Investor Agent

Investor-Agent Rules of Engagement

  As you begin the process of using your real estate license to build your thriving, profitable Investor business, you should be aware of some of your clients’ expectations and the possibilities for you to create multiple streams of income. Some of the information in the beginning of this article may be a refresher for […]