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The Compounding Effect of Coaching!

  • This was me before coaching: GCI = $110K
  • This was me right after coaching: GCI =  256K
  • And the coaching effect kept growing, until my GCI tripled to almost $800K
At first, when I was making over 100K, I thought I was doing pretty good. I was having fun and making decent money. But every time I went to a conference, I would meet other agents who made more money – a lot more! And they looked like they were having fun, too. I had to find out how. So I started talking to these eagles...and then I copied them. And then the sky opened up with opportunity.

Let me ask you – If you knew you could turn $1 into $2 just for the asking, would you do it? How about turning $100 into $200 or $1,000 into $2,000? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t want to double their money just by asking?

What if you could double your GCI, your Gross Commission Income just by asking? That's just what happened to me after I started following in the footsteps of those super-stars. What was it that made the big difference? I'll let you in on the secret...I started working with a coach.
Years later, many others have now followed me by getting coaching and seeing their fortunes rise, too. If the greatest athletes, the greatest actors, the  greatest singers and the greatest executives, entrepreneurs and salespeople in the world have coaches – have always had coaches – shouldn't you explore the potential of working with a great coach like me? You can, and here's how...

Fill out this application & assessment to see if you are a good candidate for coaching. Return the completed document to Beverly@MyInvestmentServices.com. Please note that we have 2 private coaching positions open for April. Forms will be processed on a First Come First Serve basis.

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Win a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session

To win 30 minutes of private real estate coaching, just hunt for the APRIL QUIZ QUESTION deeper down in this email, then send your answer. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, and I'll be in touch with the winner to arrange your coaching session.

Here Was Last Month's Quiz & Answer:
Q: What is the color of the sky looking up from the surface of Mars?
A:  A butterscotch or yellowish-orange color.

Last month's winner: Congratulations on your free coaching session Neeta Williams

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Gary, what a great meeting! Thank you for your inspiration. The system you gave us to work is great. Kudos for the information and the training. I am looking forward for a great year with your help.
Your Agent 4-Life,
Gregory Covington

Appraisers & Homeowners Don’t See Eye-To-Eye

Every house on the market has to be sold twice; once to a prospective buyer and then to the bank (through the bank’s appraisal). Read about it here.

Welcome New Friends!

Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them so far, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined in February:
Ishita,  Tim,  Megan,  Tyler,  Reggie,  Elizabeth,  Juan,  Barbara,  Wade, Javier, Lance, Killashandra (Luis), Brian, Deborah, Paul, Tina, Michael, Matthew (Candice), Erin, Greg, Matewai, David, Tanner, Debbie, Matt, Cedric, Logan, Traci, Joshua, Adriana, John,  and Cindy

April Factoid

Why Does the Date for Easter Move Around?

Most holidays fall on a specific day of the year. Why, then, does Easter fall on a different day each year? The answer lies in the movement of the moon.

In 325CE the Council of Nicaea set Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the March equinox. Let's tease that apart...

What is the March equinox? There are two equinoxes each year, one in March, and the other in September. At that time, day and night are of equal length. The March equinox falls on March 20 this year. The first full moon after that is April 10. And the first Sunday after that is April 16. Therefore Easter 2017 falls on Sunday, April 16.

In 2018, the March equinox will also be March 20th (sometimes it's not the 20th). The first full moon after that will be March 31st, and the first Sunday after that is the next day, April 1st. So Easter 2018 will be April 1.

How to Save for a Down Payment!

Saving for a down payment isn't like saving for retirement. You don't have decades to watch compounding interest work. Here are some smart ways to go about it.  Share this report with a friend or a prospective buyer.
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Buying a Home? Credit Score Matters—A Lot

You know lenders check your credit before deciding what interest rate to offer you. But you might not appreciate just how much a credit score can affect rates. The table below reflects recent rates for someone borrowing $200K via a 30-year mortgage.

What Has Someone Said to You that Changed Your Life Forever?

Have you ever had someone say the right thing to you at just the right moment, and it changed your life?

Teacher Tony Acevedo gives an example: “I saw a freshman girl trip in front of a group of seniors. They laughed and she was dying of embarrassment. I took her aside and said, ‘It’s only embarrassing if you're embarrassed. Years later she told me how from that moment, embarrassment never held the same power over her. My advice might have been ignored at any other time. But that was the magic moment for her.”

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine early in her career. On her first project, she finished late, but thought it was a good effort. Instead of rewarding her, her manager criticized her. She complained to a co-worker who surprised her by saying, "Joe is judging you by your results, not by your intentions." That moment shifted her work habits, which has made all the difference in her career.

Another friend says that at her first networking event, she confessed to someone about being nervous. He leaned over and whispered, “Don’t try to interest them in you. Just be interested in them.” That advice made her into a networking queen.

Now it’s your turn. What’s something that someone said in just the right moment that forever changed your way of thinking?

Time to Get Rid of PMI?

Here's a great conversation starter with home owners:

"Wondering if your home’s value has risen enough to eliminate PMI? Or if you have enough equity to buy your next home?

Text or email me your address. I’ll send you a CMA."

April Quiz Question

What goes up when the rain comes down?
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Just For Fun: Why Can’t I Have a Boss Like That?

Once there was a lab technician, named Sam. Sam had forgotten to open a critical valve on a piece of equipment he was using. The pressure built up in the system and caused it to malfunction. The resulting damage cost $250,000 to repair.

Sam’s boss called him in to talk about it. Sam had already cleared his workspace, figuring that he was about to get fired. Sure enough, his boss started grilling him, asking why he didn't do a proper check of the equipment first, and reviewing his past performance.

Then he said, “Alright. Get back to work and don’t let it happen again.”

Sam was momentarily stunned. "I’m not getting fired?” he said.

His boss said "No way! I just spent $250,000 teaching you a lesson you'll never forget. Why would I fire you now?"
Thanks for reading. If you need any advice or have any success stories to share, please reach out to me at Gary@MyInvestmentServices.com. Talk to you soon! 
~ Gary Wilson
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