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Cutting Edge Research

I am now paying someone to research information related to real estate that directly affects us as investors and agents. This is not new news; however, it does highlight the need to use alternative methods to unearth the supply side of our business.

Please read the attached report, and then go to the Silver Level Membership section of the website and download one or more methods that empower you to get the inventory up and you clients need!

If you are a current student you are already enjoying Silver Level benefits, congratulations! If you are not a Silver Level Member yet, perhaps you may want to consider joining. Here is what you get:

Silver Level: ($97 per month)

  • Investor Newsletter ($250 Value)
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  • Access to E-Book & Primer Book  series ($100 Value)
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  • Access to all weekly Q and A sessions live ($5000 Value)
  • Access to all weekly Q and A sessions already recorded (Priceless)
  • Total Value $12,850!!!
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It's easy to win! Look for this month's quiz question down towards the bottom of this newsletter, then email me your answer.

Last month’s question: What process releases carbon dioxide to make bread dough rise?
Fermentation, which creates alcohol that burns off during baking.
Congratulations to Last Month's Winner!

Amber O'Toole
from Oklahoma City

Gary, You're the Best Guide

Whether we are flipping or acquiring rental properties, we highly recommend Gary Wilson to help you with your investment opportunities from guiding you through the information necessary to understand what is involved, through the financing, purchase, costs of rehab and the after work and sale of the properties. We could not have asked for a better Mentor to guide us.
~Matra Sasala - Bogota, Columbia

Just for Fun: The Joys of Growing Old Together

An elderly husband and wife noticed that they were beginning to forget little things around the house. They decided to see their physician to get help. She told them that many people their age find it useful to write themselves little notes as reminders.
The couple thought this sounded wonderful, and left the doctor's office very pleased with the advice.

When they got home, the wife said, "Dear, will you please go to the kitchen and get me a dish of ice cream with some strawberries? Now, better write that down, because I know you'll forget."

"Don't be silly," replied the husband. "A dish of ice cream and some strawberries. I can remember that between here and the kitchen!"

"OK, dear, but please also add some whipped cream on top. Now you'd really better write it down. You'll forget," said the wife.

"My memory's not that bad," said the husband.

And with that, he shut the kitchen door behind him. The wife could hear him banging pots and pans, a noise inconsistent with making a dish of ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.

He emerged 15 minutes later, walked over to his wife, and presented her with a plate of bacon and eggs.

The wife looked at the plate, then glanced at her husband and said, "See, you forgot my toast!"

Monthly Market Report

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Use the “Auction Effect” to Sell Your House Faster

Everyone knows what an auction is — bidders place bids and the highest bids wins. Auctions create energy and excitement and cause things to sell on the spur of the moment. What if you could sell your house using the energy of an auction without having to do an actual auction?
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Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined last month:
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Can You Motivate Yourself? It Depends...

Do you ever feel guilty when you can’t get something done, even though you know it’s vital that you achieve it, like losing weight or saving money? One reason we feel guilty is that we don’t feel as motivated as we think we should, given the importance of the goal.

But there are two types of motivation. One is a burning desire, where we are pulled to achieve. The other is a reluctant need to fulfill a necessity, where we feel pushed into it. We don’t get the endorphin lift from should that we do from want.

The trick to feeling motivated about the shoulds is to create desire so strong that it burns away resistance.

Can you fake desire to achieve? Can you force yourself to feel as excited about achieving a need as much as a want?

Some people would say yes, that you can make the mind do anything, including overcome reluctance. Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy have been able to accomplish that for many people.

But an easier way (perhaps) to be motivated is to have an external motivator...a coach, parent, partner, or friend who will constantly prod you forward. You must give that person permission to prod you, or it will not work. They must apply consistent, supportive pressure.

You also must have a clear reason to achieve the goal. For instance, you want to lose 10 pounds before the holidays, because ___ (why?). The clearer you can picture the details of that desire, the easier it will be for your external helper to motivate you. And the more you’ll want it!

Vacationing in the USA

This is a shout out to the friendly folks of Idaho. So many beautiful places and one of them is Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho. This is a must see and then go to Sun Valley!

Here is an intro to Shoshone Falls and the town of Twin Falls. I really enjoyed it there and I know you will too! 

August Quiz Question

How much dirt is in a 3-foot square hole?
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Talk a Walk — Grow Your Brain

The benefits of taking a brisk walk go beyond heart health. It actually increases the size of your brain.

In a study by the National Institute on Aging, 120 people aged 55 to 80 were divided into two groups, with half instructed to briskly walk and do other aerobic exercise for 40 minutes per day, three times per week for one year. The other half did exercises to stretch and tone their muscles, but not brisk walking or other aerobic exercise.

After one year, scientists measured the size of the hippocampus, a section of the brain that tends to shrink with age.
In the aerobic group, the volume of the hippocampus had increased by 2% at the end of one year, while in the non-aerobic group the hippocampus had decreased by 1.4%.

See the research report:

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