February 2017
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On a Personal Note

I'd like you to meet Justin Betters, one of our 1st students. As you will see below, Justin is living the model. He has multiple streams of income including his own rental properties. You can hear from Justin on MyInvestmentServices.com in the member's section. Please listen to the entire interview as Justin shares with you some of the methods he has used to build wealth and income for him and his family. Here's a note from Justin:

Hi Gary, Merry Christmas to you!


It's been a busy year. My property management business has more than doubled in the last year and I'm planning on doubling that next year. I'm also up to 7 units of my own and plan on picking up another 5 or 6 next year as well. Thanks for all the help with everything. Have a prosperous and happy new year! 

~ Justin Betters

This Month’s Expert Interview with Justin Betters...

Listen as Justin discusses:

1. Using his RE license to serve investors - multiple commissions per client
2. Offering Property Management to clients - multiple streams of leads
3. Acquiring your own properties - Justin likes SFH's and small multi's
4. Multiple streams of income is the place to be! Justin shares his experiences with you so you can see how!

Listen to Gary's Interview with Justin Betters

Here's something you'll want to read...

One-to-One with Matt Neisser: How Private Lending Works for Investors

Learn about bridge loans for fix-and-flip deals, andlonger-term financing for properties that investors hold for years.

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Last Month's Quiz & Answer:
     Q: What is Prince Harry's real name?
     A: Henry Charles Albert David

Welcome New Friends!

Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them so far, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined in December:
Jami, Juanita, Lisa, Angela, Debbie, Mimi,  Steve, Courtney, Manisha, Beth, Dottie, Sherri, Ronald, ERIKA, Tonya, Alliana, Richard, Rodney, John, Gary, Ashley, Daryl, Thomas, Christine, Carlos, Rick, Preston, Diana, Ted, Sean, Deborah, Alex, Celia, Terrence, David

The Cost of Waiting to Buy

Reminding you of an important thought for this quarter. You can recreate this chart with figures for your area as a motivation to help buyers act before rates rise.

Valentine's Day Thought...

Why Do Couples So Often Look Alike?

You may be familiar with the saying, “opposites attract.” But in reality, the heart prefers similarity. That similarity increases the longer two people stay together.

A psychologist conducted an experiment to test this notion. He analyzed photos of couples taken when they were newlyweds and again 25 years later.

Results showed that couples grew to look more alike over time. The happier the couple said they were, the more similar they looked.

Now, where’s the study about why dogs and owners look alike?

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What Buyers Wish They’d Known before…

Surveys of homebuyers show they wish they had known more about what to expect before they bought a home. Here are some of their top thoughts.

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“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”
~ Roy Croft

Find Your Focus and Motivation Every Day!

We become real estate agents and investors for a lot of reasons, but the reasons most often cited are these:

1) We want the freedom to be our own boss and control our own schedule.
2) We don’t want to be told what to do, or when and how to do it.
3) We want to be financially secure and control our financial future.

The third goal is often in opposition to the first two goals. For many people, too much freedom is damaging to prosperity.

If you recognize that you have trouble keeping your nose to the grindstone, try to understand the source. Here are a few ideas:
  • You get lost in the options and can't focus on one path...often called "shiney object syndrome."
  • You are addicted to instant gratification and tend to quit if something isn't paying off right away.
  • You enjoy your free time more than the hard work of prospecting for new business.
  • You doubt your skill or purpose.
Each of these ideas involves a difficult choice that must be made constantly until you push past the challenge. The good news is that eventually it does get easier, especially when the money starts rolling in and you've found your "groove."

Until then, you must make a choice every moment of your working day...

"Will doing this or this get me closer to my goal of financial prosperity?"

February Quiz Question

What does the average adult human heart weigh?
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Thanks for reading. If you need any advice or have any success stories to share, please reach out to me at Gary@myinvestmentservices.com
~ Gary Wilson
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