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Two $3Million Calls from
One Letter!

Here's a note I received from one of your fellow students in Mandeville, Louisana. She just sent her 1st letter to 23 prospects who own multi unit buildings. Her first two return calls came at day 1 and day 4 after the letters went out. Take a look and let me know if this is what you want your marketing to do for you:

"Hi Gary! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I used the letter you provide. I sent it on Friday. The 1st call came in on Saturday. The gentleman owns a $3 Million dollar residential rental property and wants to sell. He has already sent me everything I aske for—rent roles, appraisal, P&L for 3 years, everything! And today I got my 2nd call from a woman who also owns a $3 Million dollar property and wants to get out. She is tired and wants to retire. She knows my broker, too! Hers is a mixed-use property. I am SO excited! Please call so I can have a strategy call. Thank you, Gary!"
~ Judith Johnson, Mandeville, LA

Another student used this same letter and in his first run got 4 listings in the 1st month!
~ Gary

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It's easy to win! Look for this month's quiz question down towards the bottom of this newsletter, then email me your answer.

Last Month's Quiz & Answer:
  • Q: In a one story house made entirely of redwood, what color would the stairs be?
  • A:  No color...there would be no stairs in a one story house! 
Congratulations to Last Month's Winner:  Kim Northrup

Testimonial from Terje

Hi Gary, I hope you’re doing well. We just returned from San Francisco attending my mother’s memorial we scattered her ashes in the ocean. It was a difficult week, but I have great news as of today I spent the last 24 hours negotiating and in a bidding war for my flip property. We are now under contract for $207,500 only $2,000 under asking and with a profit of 83 K. We should receive a net check of 196K at closing we are very excited. Our largest check:) ~Terje Rogne

Just for Fun

The Agreeable Husband

Several men are in a golf club locker room. A mobile phone rings. A man reaches down to the bench, picks up the phone and answers. "Yes, I can talk," he says. "You're shopping? That's nice."

The other men in the locker room smile to each other.

"You want to order those new carpets? Okay. And they'll include the curtains for an extra five thousand? Sure, why not?"

More smiles among the listeners. A few raised eyebrows.

"You want to book a week on Necker Island? They're holding the price at two thousand? Sounds like a bargain. If that's what you want, it’s okay with me."

Smiles turn to expressions of envy and surprise.

"Okay, see you later. Yes, love you too," says the man, ending the call. He looks at the other men and says, "Anyone know whose phone this is?"

How to Play (& Win) at the Negotiation Game

Coming to an agreement about buying or selling a home is a matter of smart negotiation. Arm yourself with knowledge before you make or accept an offer!
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Welcome New Friends!

Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined last month:
Janet Moore, RAUL Mesta, Lavar Harden, Alex Serna, Juan Victor Vazqwez, Phyllis Parker, Subhi Omar, Gloria Ilochonwu, Karen Marvin, Missy Yi, Lauren Klemann-Cohen, Michelle Sealy, Kimberly Gardner, Preeti Sharma, Makanjuola Olabiyi, Loretta Christian, Zach Perkins, Michelle West, Teresa Hogrefe, Michael Oldham, MIchel Maniguet, Jan Nichols, Wallace Campbell, William    Koberg, Debra Godfrey, Bryan Kardos, Eric Smith, Shan Barton, Cheryl Cato, Ben Luna, Tiffani Owensby, Melinda    McCutchan, Guadalupe Mata

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Architecture Detective: Which Style Is It?

Today’s newer home styles can sometimes seem like a baffling mix of architecture. But by looking back at home styles of the past 250 years, it’s easier to spot the inspiration for some of today’s architectural features.

Just for fun, see how many of the house styles on the right you can identify. Match the image to its label in the box below. Scroll down to see the answers.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. For example, missing are Asian-inspired styles, Art Deco styles, and Frank Lloyd Wright styles, among many others. But the homes pictured here are common in many developed countries with European origins.

Why do humans have so many different architectural styles? The answer is aesthetics. Houses appeal to an innate artistic sense in each of us. We feel differently, depending on the style of our houses. Architecture also helps us identify with a particular class or place in life.

If you’re really into architecture, you can take this article with you as you drive around. Try matching features in the pictures to homes in your own neighborhoods.

July Quiz Question

The color Chartreuse comes from what source?
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Vacation Idea...because Life Isn't all about Real Estate

Top 20 Scenic Spots in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park encompasses the largest hydrothermal area on the planet. Features include geysers, hot springs, mudpots and fumaroles. If you're planning a summer trip to see the water spout, here are 20 must-see sights around the park.

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