July 2018
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What's a Healthy Real Estate Market?

What is the best way to gauge the long term health health of the Real Estate Market? Look beyond the sale!

Close One Deal and Get Another on the Spot...and Possibly Two  

In need of another transaction and don't have a lot of marketing dollars? Watch this:

A Ton of Information, Education, and Inspiration

Remember, there is a ton of information at your finger tips in your Silver Level Members area. The link is provided after this paragraph. Once there, log into Silver. There you will find hundreds of recordings, tools for finding info on people and property all over the US and Canada, marketing tools, free books, monthly profit booster newsletter, interviews with experts, AND did you know you can list your properties for sale on the community site?

3-Day Event | New Jersey

August 24 - August 26

Hilton Short Hills
41 John F Kennedy Parkway
Short Hills, NJ  07078

Room rate is $149 for Standard King or Double

Please use this link https://book.passkey.com/go/PathtoProsperityConference.
Or call 1-800-471-6402 and mention your specific event code INV or the Path to Prosperity Conference.

Please note that all reservations
must be booked before the cutoff date of August 02, 2018.

These events are great fun! You learn a lot, meet a lot of people, AND leave as a different person than you were before you arrived. Come join successful agents and investors! Check this out from the Orlando event...

Win a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session

To win 30 minutes of private real estate coaching, just hunt for the QUIZ QUESTION deeper down in this email, then send your answer. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, and I'll be in touch with the winner to arrange your coaching session.

June's Q&A:
  • June’s question: How did the word ‘cattle’ come to refer to a herd of cows?
  • Answer: From the word ‘chattel’, which refers to moveable property (as opposed to real estate) 

Guess How Big this Tiny Home Is…

Everyone loves a tiny house (they’re cute, right?), but this takes it to a whole new level. Researchers in France have built a house that’s just a few micrometers wide.

To get an idea of how "big" that is, it's too small for a mite to fit inside. This image is from a microscope camera. The house was built by a focused ion beam and a micro-robot.

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Thank You New Friends!

Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined last month:
Demetrius Dawson, Pierre Galette, Christopher Long, Preeti Singh,
Rick McCracken, Veronica Solomon, Richard Cobb, Karen Browder, MaryLou    Bennett, Renee Robinson, Dana Advocaat, Kathy Kokalis, George Fountas, R. Bryan Henning, Joni    Gabriel, Will Anderson, Anil Kanapadinhare, Cathy Lakeman, Beverly Miller, Carol Fancher, Chris Zoghby, Charile McDonald, Hannah Byrd, Lynn Martin, Kelly D''Errico, Leann Ford, Margee Blanton, Cristal Silva, Jim Adams, Jacqueline Miller, Derek Childs, Vicki    Barton, Louis Brust, Debra Lewis, Larry Horinbein

If We Have Real Estate…
Do We also Have Fake Estate?

If you've ever wondered where the term "real estate" comes from, you're not alone. Some people think it relates to "royal." Others think it relates to being "real," as in solid. Which is it? From Etymonline, we get this history:

REAL (adj.) early 14c., "real, actually existing, true;" mid-15c., "relating to things" (especially property), and from Latin realis "actual." The word “real” used in conjunction with “estate” was first recorded in England in the 1660s, and referred to the land portion of a person’s estate. An estate includes the money, name, land, and anything else of value owned by a person. So real estate is the most solid, real, tangible portion of that estate.

How, then, did we get the idea that “real” refers to royal? It stems from linguistic confusion. For instance, in Spanish the word “real” means “royal,” as in Camino Real, which translates as “The King’s Road” (camino = road, real = royal). Since royalty were the only ones allowed to own property in the middle ages, “real estate” could logically refer to royal estates.

The “royal” interpretation for real estate sounds intuitive, which makes it easy to popularize. For example, in this 1922 exchange within the US House of Representatives, Rep. Curry was defining the roots of the word “REALTOR.” Curry explained that the word “comes from the Spanish words “real“ meaning “royal” and “tor” meaning “bull.” It’s not known if he meant this tongue in cheek or if was genuinely attempting to define the origins of the word. (Source: The Word Detective.)

Since the term “real estate” was first seen in 1660’s England, it’s unlikely to come from the Spanish for royal, since the British were surely able to discuss property without adopting a Spanish word for it.

Ice Cream Riddle

In this visual riddle by Budapest-based artist Gergely Dudás, the answer requires a little math. The riddle asks how much an ice cream cone, a scoop of white ice cream, and a scoop of pink ice cream are worth, according to the logic of the puzzle. Stare at the equations for a while, then send your answer to me!
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Just for Fun:

Left on the Bus

A man seated on the bus was having an aggressive conversation with someone on his phone.

He swore, shouted, and gestured. Other passengers were afraid to look at him, and mothers tried to distract their kids.
Suddenly the man shouted, “Hey, I need to get off here!” The driver pulled over, and the man jumped down the stairs. Just as he stepped off the bus, the driver called to him.

“Excuse me sir,” the driver said, “you left something behind.”

The man looked confused, as he checked his pockets. He then shouted at the driver, “What are you talking about? What did I leave?”

“A bad impression,” the driver replied as he closed the door and drove away.

Luvin' Hilton Head in Early June!

I get to visit a LOT of beaches, and I must say that Hilton Head is one of my all time favorites. It's different than any other beach. It is an island beach town that you can enjoy year round. The average day time high in January is 60 degrees! So you can golf, play tennis, ride bikes or whatever your heart desires any time of year. Hilton Head also boasts some of the best restaurants of any beach town I've been too and of course you know I LOVE eating out! Hilton Head is also very unique in many ways. The shopping centers are set back off the main roads behind tropical vegetation. The resorts are accessed via long winding driveways that are also usually gated. Nothing is status quo. It is also not over run with development and hoards of people. Check out https://www.hiltonheadisland.org/see-do  to shed more light on this amazing place!
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