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Meet-Ups Mean Business for These Three Members

I'd like to share with you a note I received from 3 of your fellow students in Hoover Alabama. They just put on their 1st workshop and did it together! Take a look and let me know if this is what you want your marketing to do for you:

"Good morning Gary. Thanks for following up with us. Things are going good. We had our Meet-up last week. AWESOME! We had 24 people there of the 29 that RSVP-ed. We have received great comments from the majority who attended, and all of them stated that there was a lot of value added. All three of us had a part in the presentation and it flowed wonderfully. Our guest speakers did great.

Four attendees scheduled appointments with us! We have already met with three of them and we now have a Buyers Agency Agreement with the people we met with. Beth is showing them a house today. We have our next Meet-up scheduled for April 11th, when we are going to go over the tools such as Melissa Data, etc." ~ Beth Arnold, Manisha Munikar and Tonya Smitherman – Hoover Alabama

This is the same technique that led to the development of the classroom technique which is what led to me making $800K a year in GCI! Keep an eye out for more information on this in June!
~ Gary

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Last Month's Quiz & Answer:
  • Q: In a one story house made entirely of redwood, what color would the stairs be?
  • A:  No color...there would be no stairs in a one story house! 
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Experienced Buy & Hold Agent Takes Business to "Whole 'Nother Level" with THIS Advice

Just for Fun

The Agreeable Husband

Several men are in a golf club locker room. A mobile phone rings. A man reaches down to the bench, picks up the phone and answers. "Yes, I can talk," he says. "You're shopping? That's nice."

The other men in the locker room smile to each other.

"You want to order those new carpets? Okay. And they'll include the curtains for an extra five thousand? Sure, why not?"

More smiles among the listeners. A few raised eyebrows.

"You want to book a week on Necker Island? They're holding the price at two thousand? Sounds like a bargain. If that's what you want, it’s okay with me."

Smiles turn to expressions of envy and surprise.

"Okay, see you later. Yes, love you too," says the man, ending the call. He looks at the other men and says, "Anyone know whose phone this is?"

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Welcome New Friends!

Thank you to all who've trusted me to help them, and a warm welcome to all our new members who joined last month:
Michelle Alexander, Asenka Nitzow, Brandon Yuong, Angela McCloud, Carina Slepian, Robert Crow, Larry Castro, Wendy Gutierrez, Jaleh Stundahl, Dylan Barrera, Maureen Koons, Kim Northrup, Jenny Gold, Alex Yuriar, Amanda Boschma, Dana Golden, Lisa Bray, Melanie Bounds, Linda Oines, Ray Navarro, Brian Crimp, Natasha Tomlinson, Brian Crimp, Philip Jordan

Taking a break from real estate...

Quick Tips for Perfect Summer Burgers

Want to know what's hard? Grilling perfect hamburgers. According to Chef Barry Danieler, most people let the meat dry out or they over-spice it. For perfect grilled burgers, here are his six tips:
  1. Use fresh (not previously frozen) ground beef, 80-85% lean. If it's too lean, it will taste dry.
  2. Add a little red wine to make your beef taste more robust.
  3. Don't over-handle or compact the meat. Let it stay loose.
  4. After forming patties, press a divot into the middle with your thumb. This allows the juices to flow to the middle and keeps the meat moist. You can also press an ice cube into the divot after popping it onto the grill.
  5. Place patties onto an already hot grill. Cook 2 minutes per side for rare, 3 for medium-rare, 4 for medium, and 5 for well-done.

Don't Look Where You Don't Want to Go

A man who was afraid of heights decided to conquer his fear by going rock climbing. A guide was on hand to help him, but as he was dangling from the edge of the cliff, he looked down. The sight of the long drop made him freeze.

The guide gave him some simple advice: “Don’t look where you don’t want to go.” By this simple twist on a familiar goal-setting meme ("focus on where you want to go"), the man was able to complete his climb.

The following Monday at work, the man remembered his mountaineering advice.  He had been stressing about all the stuff he didn’t like about his work: his boss, his effectiveness, his job duties, his co-workers. His efforts to fix things at work just made him feel anxious.

After his climbing trip, he realized he was, metaphorically speaking, staring directly down the mountain at work—looking only where he didn’t want to go.  He resolved to “see” only things he enjoyed about his work for the entire day.

The result? He found himself relaxing more, getting along with his boss, and getting more done.

The moral of this story: Next time you find yourself buried in pessimism…give yourself a break and stop focusing on what you don’t like. Replace each negative thought with a positive one. It may not fix your problems, but you’ll probably feel better.

Three Reasons Staging Matters

These days listing a home may mean staging it. But does staging really make your house sell faster, or for more money? The truth is that it depends on what's in the home, its condition, and its location.

Here’s where staging helps:

1. Staging can help an empty house sell faster, which generally means getting more money in the long run. staged homes help buyers focus on living in the house, rather than wondering how they'll fill all this empty space. They place a higher value on a home that feels more "finished."

2. Staging can help a house in a less desirable location sell faster. When a buyer has fewer "nice" options in their price range, then a staged home stands out.

3. Homes with odd layouts can also benefit from staging. A home with a middle room, for example, that has two doors. Most people can't picture what to do with the space without staging.

June Quiz Question

The color Chartreuse comes from what source?
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Home Buyer Advice

Is it better to buy a starter home now or save for a bigger home later?

First time buyers can often afford only a small home or condo to start. Is that a good idea, or would they be better off saving for a bigger home? The quick answer is that they are usually better off buying a smaller home now. They will earn equity on a home they own (about 3% per year in an average market). That means if they sell in 5 years, they'll have some cash for a down payment on a bigger home (est. $30,000 equity on a $200,000 home). If the market rises faster, or they can work in some “sweat” equity, they’ll gain even more.

Of course, if a renter were highly disciplined, they could perhaps save $30,000 over the next 5 years while renting at a much lower price than a mortgage payment. But that negates the possibility of gaining from sweat equity and sharp rises in real estate values.


8 Refreshing Kitchen Updates You Can Do Today!

You don’t need to break down the walls or strip the cabinets to renew your kitchen. Here are 8 little approaches to sprucing up the kitchen without major remodeling.
  1. Choose 3 complimentary colors and update everything you can to match, like paint, towels, rugs, small appliances, canisters, and curtains.
  2. Change your cabinet and drawer pulls. Buy a size that fits existing holes so you don't need to drill new holes.
  3. Add rope or stick-on lighting under or over your cabinets.
  4. Paint an unused wall/surface with chalkboard paint. Use colorful chalk to write a quote each day or week.
  5. Add a new backsplash using stick-on tile.
  6. Replace the faucet with something ultra-modern.
  7. Add some kitchen-relevant art, such as a café painting or kitschy spoon and fork mosaics.
  8. Replace boring lighting with something interesting or unusual.

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~ Gary Wilson

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