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Investor-Realtor, Make More Money, Not More Work

I believe investing in Real Estate is the best path to realizing the American Dream and I was fortunate enough to have a great teacher when I first got started at the ripe old age of 23. I eventually went on to get my real estate license but I only used it for myself. In fact I didn’t want other people knowing I had it! When people would ask if could help them buy or sell a home I said “No”! Ha....

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Closing On A Real Estate Investment?

Closing The Big day is approaching. Another income producing asset on your balance sheet. In most states the buyer of a property gets to choose which company will perform the closing on a real estate transaction. Sometimes a lawyer does the closing and sometime not. It depends on the state. The closing (sometimes called the Settlement or Title Company) is essentially assigned the task of...

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Need Money for a Down Payment?

Money How to Deploy it Where to get funds for a down payment on a rental property Where do you get money for down payments?   I am a big fan of using cash to buy real estate. It gives you more advantages than any other means of acquiring property. I know all of the theorist who insist that you never touch principle. If you put things into context, what they are referring to is using...

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Writing an offer on an investment rental property? Which form should you use?

Forms to Use My Investment Services Always use Association of Realtors Forms when making offers. There are plenty of late night gurus out there who preach you should use 1-page “intent to buy” or some other short form for extending what may or may not be an offer. Don’t do this. You are wasting everybody’s time including yours. Aside from the obvious problem of its validity, especially in a...

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Rent, Sell (Flip), Lease Option ? Which exit strategy is best for you?

Rent, Sell (Flip), Lease Option There is always more than one way to make money! I have seen more than a few investors buy and remodel a rental property with the intention of renting. Nothing wrong with that, that’s who I wrote this book for. However, many investors get to this point and wonder if they can just sell the property and cash in big now while it looks so good. I say, yes, maybe you...

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