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    Are you currently an Investor, Agent or Investor Agent? What are your investment goals? Tell us about your business. What stage are you currently? StartUp (pre-revenue)Under 6 Figures a YearBetween 6 and 7 Figures a YearOver 7 Figures a YearOther: How much are you currently investing monthly in advertising? How many hours do you typically work per week and how many tasks do you have on your list? How do you feel about your workload? OverwhelmedComfortableOK but would like more time for me and my familyOther: How would you describe your current productivity system? Are you hitting your deadlines? What area of Real Estate Investing is your focus? FlippingRentals and/or Property ManagementWholesalingDeveloping an Investor/Agent Relationship and servicing InvestorsOther Fill in the blank, I am... Looking to establish financial security by growing Real Estate Investing as my main source of incomeWanting to subsidize my income by investing in Real Estate on the sideAn agent and want to build my business by learning how to work with and develop an Investor based clienteleOther