The Healing House Foundation

The Healing House Foundation-Who are we and what do we do?

The Healing House Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charitable organization. Our main goal is to provide housing for those in need. We seek to assist the homeless, single moms and abused women, wounded and disabled veterans, and those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

In times of crisis we also collaborate with United Way, The Salvation Army and Red Cross, “in certain situations” to assist in their goals of fulfilling emergency needs due to acts of nature such as home destruction caused by flooding, fires or disastrous storms such as tornados and hurricanes.

We are able to fulfill the needs of those who are suffering by the generous donations of people like YOU!

Please help us help those in need by donating today.

All donations accepted are tax deductible. Individuals may donate up to 50% of their income and corporations may donate up to 10% of the organization’s revenue before being taxed on donations. 100% of donations go directly to the cause, and we have no employees, we are 100% volunteer based.

Although there are many other forms
of people in crisis read some of our examples below.

Mom’s and women who need help…

Many single moms and women who have come from abusive relationships live paycheck to paycheck and on the verge of homelessness. All it takes is an unanticipated problem. A medical emergency, transportation issue or being laid off is enough to disrupt housing and cause great stress. The best way to end homelessness is to prevent it. We are here to help with this month’s rent or mortgage payment or to prevent a utility from being turned off.

It’s OK to not be OK!

Recovery can be tough and everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. If alcohol or drug recovery is overwhelming your pocket book…we may be just what you need to help with your housing expenses.

Homelessness is real…

and it happens more than you may realize. It even happens to families with children. We have a mission to help prevent homelessness by providing the financial support needed to help get through the bad times. We also strive to assist the homeless by getting them off the streets with the financial aid we provide.

They were there for us.

They fought for us and the beliefs our country stands for. Now it’s our turn to be there for them. Disabled and wounded Veterans of war did not come back the same as when they left. We take great pride in assisting those who fought for our country and made sacrifices so we could enjoy a better life

Gary P. Wilson

Founder of the Healing House Foundation

Gary Wilson Founder of The Healing House Foundation hopes and prays that this real life story will inspire you to give greatly, love deeply and act with courage. Use The Healing House Foundation as a resource in your journey to help a loved one who needs housing. Whether they are a single mom with children leaving an unhealthy relationship, a homeless person, a wounded veteran, a handicapped person, an abused child or a recovering addict, they likely need a temporary home filled with love – a healing house! Use The Healing House Foundation to help those in need of a warm bed today by donating whatever your heart calls you to. God bless you and your family.

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