8 tips to ace the home showing for a faster sale- Rebranded

by | Nov 17, 2017

Ever feel awkward at showing appointments? You know what I’m talking about.

You walk away unsure if you did and said enough to try and sell your listing. You came off either too strong or too soft on the sales shark to mime impersonation scale. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

The good news is that you can implement a few simple tips into your showing process that will immediately lead to more successful client experiences and closings.

As a brokerage consultant and experienced development listing agent, I spent 10 years of my real estate career launching multimillion- and multibillion-dollar development listings.

We’d take planning and preparation to launch new listings to a new level by curating a targeted property marketing campaign, creating a seamless client experience in the sales gallery and assembling top-performing sales teams to get it sold.

Everything from the way a client was offered a beverage to how our sales teams present and follow-up was pre-planned and purposeful.

With that said, you don’t need to execute anything extravagant, but these basic tips will help increase your confidence and the buyer’s comfort level at your showing appointments, so you never second-guess your ability to be a rockstar listing agent.

1. New listing

Schedule a day-time walk through of the property with the owner, and video record it on your phone so you don’t miss a detail.

Your job here is to ask questions that will maximize the client experience. You should have something interesting to say about each part of the property.

This is also your opportunity to figure out the best way to arrive at the property, walk through and start and end a presentation.

Give the owner all your feedback on what the home needs to ensure it shows well. If the owners need to clean, organize, fix something, stage the property, landscape — now is your chance.

Don’t wait until the listing is not selling to come up with these excuses; it never ends well.

2. Initial showing request

Have a phone conversation with the agent who is scheduling the showing. It is your responsibility as the listing agent to acquire as much information about the potential buyers to ensure the property pitch is catered to them at the showing appointment.

Some questions to ask:

  • Where is your client from?
  • What is it that you or your clients like most about this property?
  • Why are they looking to purchase? (Investment, second-home, etc.)
  • What are the most important features to your buyer?
  • Why do you think this property is a good fit?

3. Showing appointment

Arrive 15 minutes early, minimum. No exceptions. Turn on lights, open shades, close toilet seat covers, and ensure every corner is clean, organized and smelling fresh.

First experiences are everything, and buyers take it in through all five senses. You have one shot at a great first impression; don’t kill it by being unprepared.

I’d go as far as bringing water to offer clients, a scented plug-in and Bluetooth speaker for some light instrumental ambiance.

4. Meet and greet

Upon meeting and welcoming the agent and clients, do not swap business cards. This irks me every time. Buyers will feel more comfortable if the agents appear to have a previous relationship.

This is where you start dropping hints of the information you gathered from the buyer’s agent in tip 2. It will open up the conversation and make them feel comfortable that you are informed.

5. Take the lead

This is not the time to exercise your introverted side. When the showing begins, the listing agent needs to take over the conversation. This does not mean that you need to talk the entire time.

This simply means that you are in charge of the experience from this point on. This is the most important part!

Don’t expect the buyer’s agent to show the clients around your listing on their own or allow the clients to walk around aimlessly. You prepared a property tour and pitch for this in tip 1 — use it!

6. Closing

Wait until the end of the tour to hand your business card to the agent. It should be accompanied by a folder with the details of your listing along with a personal note thanking the agent for showing your property.

Do not prepare or give anything to the client. Everything is handed to the buyer’s agent.

7. Follow up

I always suggest following up the same day to get fresh and important feedback. Texts, emails or phone calls are all acceptable.

Always ask the buyer’s agents their thoughts on the showing as well as their client’s. All feedback should be taken constructively, no matter what.

Also, ask the agent if he or she needs any additional information or tools to help with the sale and how long before you should follow up with him or her again.

8. Gratitude

The most important tip is a reminder to be grateful. We have all had experiences where it seems like someone is doing you a favor by showing up to an appointment.

The reality is that the buyer’s agent did not have to show your listing. If an agent brings his or her client to see your listing, ensure that they have the best experience possible.

It’s your one time to make a great lasting impression and take care of them in an exceptional way. Remember, how you do anything, says a lot about how you do everything.

In conclusion, you are responsible for increasing your property interest and converting leads into sales. Some improvements are as simple as taking a few extra minutes to prepare when each listing is acquired and each showing is requested.

Learn about the clients’ needs, and cater the conversation and property tour to them. The more effective your showing appointments are, the higher your opportunity for closing the sale will be. Take these eight initial steps to get started on a higher closing track.

Courtesy of Inman News and credit to Jennifer Santana

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