Commercial Reach Home Study Course

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Commercial Reach Home Study Course


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11 Module Online Video Home Study Course

Module 1: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate

  • Transitioning from Residential to Commercial
  • Proforma Packages
  • Get tour license

Module 2: Lead Generation

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Independent Brokers verses Solo Broker
  • Residential Realtors
  • Referred Deals

Module 3: Tenant Representation 

  • Client Qualification
  • Lease-Invoice
  • LOI Lease
  • Commission Agreement

Module 4: Landlord Representation

  • Lease Brochure
  • Lease Docs
  • Lease Clause

Module 5: Investment Sales

  • LOI Purchase
  • PSA-Template
  • Investment Sales Broker

Module 6: Developing/Repositioning Your Asset

  • When to Reposition a Commercial Asset
  • Good Candidate for Repositioning
  • Benefits of a Reposition

Module 7: Retail

  • Different Types of Retail Properties
  • Importance of a Great Tenant Mix

Module 8: Office and Industrial

  • Types of Office Buildings
  • Types of Industrial Buildings
  • Office and Industrial Classifications

Module 9: Multi-family

  • Types of Multi-Family
  • Classes of Multi-Family
  • Types of Land

Module 10: Hospitality and Special-purpose

  • Hospitality Terms
  • Zoning Guide
  • Valuation
  • Specialty Real Estate

Module 11: Financing

  • Conduit Lending
  • Passive Investment CRE Checklist
  • SBA-Info

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Price: $596.00

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Price: $596.00

Buy now!