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What’s Included in this Earn As You Learn, Training Program:

  • 11 Modules of Audio, Video and Written Training for 1 hour per week

  • Weekly Live Online Audio/Video Group Training. All sessions recorded for your continued access

  • All the Marketing Forms, Scripts, and Templates that have been tested and used to close 110+ transactions in a year with no assistants or admin help. Just fill in the blanks and you are ready to launch.

  • BONUS: On Demand, 1-0n-1 Live Strategy Session. Go over your marketing campaigns, solve transaction problems…Ensure Your Success and Dominate Your Market!

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Time Tested, Proven Money Making Methods, In Every Market Large and Small. Fundamentals Don’t Change.

  • The million dollar question is always: “How did you accumulate so many rentals?”
  • By creating this system and following it to a T! Period!
  • I developed procedure and processes and systematized them so that I could almost invest in rentals on autopilot.
  • There are basic processes involved in successfully investing in rentals.
  • When you follow this systematized approach that I am giving you, you will be able to acquire Rental Properties Without The Pain!
  • Then simply take action and repeat these same actions over and over again. And I’m going to show you exactly how…

Who Should Invest in This Course?

  • If you haven’t been able to really get going in the real business of Commercial Real Estate,
  • If you struggle to find deals that actually work,
  • If money has been a recurring challenge for you,
  • If you’re not even in the game, then this is for you…



Price: $2197.00

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Eleven-Week Training Program


Module 1: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate

  • Transitioning from Residential to Commercial
  • Proforma Packages
  • Get tour license


Module 2: Lead Generation

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Independent Brokers verses Solo Broker
  • Residential Realtors
  • Referred Deals

Module 3: Tenant Representation

  • Client Qualification
  • Lease-Invoice
  • LOI Lease
  • Commission Agreement


Module 4: Landlord Representation

  • Lease Brochure
  • Lease Docs
  • Lease Clause


Module 5: Investment Sales

  • LOI Purchase
  • PSA-Template
  • Investment Sales Broker


Module 6: Developing/Repositioning Your Asset

  • When to Reposition a Commercial Asset
  • Good Candidate for Repositioning
  • Benefits of a Reposition


Module 7: Retail

  • Different Types of Retail Properties
  • Importance of a Great Tenant Mix


Module 8: Office and Industrial

  • Types of Office Buildings
  • Types of Industrial Buildings
  • Office and Industrial Classifications


Module 9: Multi-family

  • Types of Multi-Family
  • Classes of Multi-Family
  • Types of Land


Module 10: Hospitality and Special-purpose

  • Hospitality Terms
  • Zoning Guide
  • Valuation
  • Specialty Real Estate


Module 11: Financing

  • Conduit Lending
  • Passive Investment CRE Checklist
  • SBA-Info

Below are a few examples of tools INCLUDED in the Eleven Week Training Program:

  • Secrets of Multiple Streams Of Income, after studying this section you will know and understand how to leverage what you are already doing for maximum profit and not adding substantially to your
  • Gary’s Profit Protection Contract Clauses, You get the due diligence clauses I developed over nearly three decades. These due diligence clauses ensure you and your client have the greatest opportunity to get the deal you and your client want AND with language that doesn’t create conflict with standard Board of Realtor sales agreements. (Bonus Module)
  • Full Email Support, Submit your questions and I will answer them directly or in our weekly live group coaching webinars for the benefit of all.
  • Instant Credibility Licensing Program w/CertificationYou are given the right to use all of my blogs, articles and special reports in your own marketing efforts. You can also introduce other students to this program and I will give you a 25% marketing fee for any those students you take the program! (As soon as you purchase the program)
  • Free Coaching/Strategy Call With Gary, During the initial elevenweeks of training you and I will have a One to One strategy session to really focus on the specific steps YOU will take to earn commissions now. Period! (Anytime during the initial 6 week training period)
  • Repeat as often as you like, Once you purchase the course material it is yours to keep and share with your clients. I respectfully ask that as a courtesy to yourself and others who have taken the program that you do not share this with other agents – only your clients who are going to help you make a lot of commissions. (Up to one year following the date you purchase the program)


I believe in this program, but success is directly related to you and your efforts in carrying out the techniques learned during the program. I promise that, if you do your part, you will be successful.

Thus, we offer an unprecedented full money back guarantee.

You will receive a full refund of your program fee if you fail to see an increase to your bottom line during the twelve (12) month period after you complete the class subject to the following:

  1. You completed all Training Modules provided and attended the Q and A’s Webinars for follow up training of the materials and completed all assigned homework instruction.
  2. You have utilized and applied the concepts learned and can show documented proof of follow up for the (12) twelve month period after class completion. Documented proof may include your diary of communications with Gary for follow up and direction needed for proper implementation of class materials. Documented proof may also include various marketing materials such as: lead generation, social networking, online marketing, etc. which demonstrates utilization of processes learned.
  3. A failure to succeed must not be the result of any action or inaction of or by any failure or fault of the student (you).
  4. You took advantage of the 1 on 1 strategy call with Gary prior to executing your first marketing launch.

No other program offers a full money back guarantee because no other program has the results that we have in achieving financial success for our students!


Price: $2197.00

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