Define Your Purpose

by | Sep 16, 2019

The Next Calling

After Tim Rhode retired from the real estate industry, he spent a lot of time enjoying the fruits of his labor, taking full advantage of the freedoms that his success unlocked. But Rhode began to realize that millions of people were void of the same fulfillment. His realization sparked a lot of questions and he set out on a mission to pay it forward by helping others use success as a means to get the most out of their lives. Rhode founded Gobundance and 1lifefullylived to teach others how to define their purpose, establish a plan, and execute it with the help of a powerful success network that grows with them.

Simply put, Tim Rhode is successful because he always gave a s**t. He never finished high school or went to college, but Rhode was motivated to attain financial security for the sake of the people closest to him and he was willing to get there by any means necessary. Real estate was the answer, and Rhode’s career is defined by an unparalleled work ethic and dedication to service that is seldom encountered in the industry. He built a track record of 2,500 deals closed before retiring at the age of forty, and that’s part of the reason he found himself asking ‘now what?’

Success as a Means

Through his real estate career, Rhode built a financial foundation that paid for his freedom, and now he is teaching members of 1lifefullylived and Gobundance to accomplish that by mastering planning, relationships, finances, and wellness. He uses mastermind groups and conferences to spread the message and they have become living organisms where a growing network of professionals can share insights based on their own experiences. Because of Rhode’s efforts, people who once saw fulfilment as a cliche are starting to see it as a tangible reality, and that is the entire point of his contributions.

Start them Young

Rhode also pushes participation from members as young as four-years-old and he stresses the importance of surrounding them with people who are in “the business of running their lives.” These kids are learning a different way of living based on taking action, and at Rhode’s events, it is not uncommon to find fifteen-year-olds with five streams of income or a nine-year-old who has been in business for five years.

Regardless of age, everyone in the community is focused on mastery of self and exchanging knowledge. This is an environment where people from all walks of life can learn, grow, and connect in a community that is rooting for them to succeed. Even outside of the conferences, Rhode offers a roadmap journal to people who want to explore his concepts and start a new journey of fulfillment. With the help of Rhode’s resources and like-minded individuals, you can grow in all facets of your life and give back to the same people who helped you.

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