Generate Passive Cash Flow With Real Estate Investing

by | Nov 18, 2019

Chuck Blakeman’s story is relentless. He struggled with school and couldn’t find his calling, but that all changed when he started his first business in college. Since then, Chuck has founded twelve businesses in eight industries, on four continents. And he is a thriving serial entrepreneur.

Chuck has ADD and dyslexia, so he got bored of his businesses very quickly. However, hopping around enabled him to find something that he was truly passionate about. Helping other people build their businesses was something he loved doing. Today, Chuck continues to work in this field, helping dentists and orthodontists generate passive cash flow by investing in real estate.

Find a Mentor Who Makes a Positive Impact on the Lives of Others

What you want to be when you grow up has more to do with the contribution you can make than it has to do with picking a vocation. So, Chuck chose an industry where he could make the greatest impact on other people’s lives. Like the rest of his business endeavors, Chuck’s approach to real estate investing is not conventional. He moved seven times in the first fourteen years and determined the next investment by identifying the worst house in the best neighborhood he could find. He did all of the renovations himself and flipped them for a great profit.

Get Your Hands Dirty

The DIY aspect is not necessary to get started in the fix and flip business, but by getting hands-on, you gain an understanding of what’s required to do each job. That will help you manage your future projects more efficiently. However, people like Chuck already bring that expertise to the table. He recommends finding a reputable mentor or coach to learn from before you get started because each project has unique challenges to overcome.

Vet Your Resources

Chuck’s mentor encouraged him to get into bigger properties, something that you should consider because they are more stable. But when you get started, the best approach is to start small or invest with other people. Everything that Chuck and I do can be traced back to things we learned from other real estate professionals. Take advantage of those resources and make sure you are vetting them before you spend money. For more episodes of the Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women podcast, featuring other informative guests from across the business world who can help you create wealth, please visit me at

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