Benefits To Joining
Our GIA Team

  1. 75% Agent / 25% Team commission Split for Level 1 agents. NOTE: This is only up to $80K GCI and it DOES NOT reset each year!
  2. Training from Three (3) Sources – Investor Agent Training (+5 other programs), Kinder Reese Training and eXp training.
  3. Coaching That Expands As You Grow.
  4. Leads – Choose the ones you want not what someone else hands you.
  5. Share in Team Profits. You get $5,000.00 of team income from others you bring on to the team in their 1st year.
  6. Revenue Share of eXp which is from gross income not net income like others.

For More Information On Joining Our Team Fill Out The Form Below And We Will Contact You.

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