How do successful real estate agents promote themselves to investors?

by | Jun 18, 2014

Make more money not more work

Make more money not more work



How do you market yourself as an Investor Agent?

Join Local Investor Clubs – I have belonged to multiple investor clubs. I highly recommend REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) clubs. There are some with hundreds and thousands of members. Every time I go to a meeting I get multiple deals – listings, buyers and property management. Warning: don’t join unless you are an investor or you have gone through our training. If you don’t walk the talk they will simply ignore you or worse.

Write Articles – I have written articles for several years now – at least three times a week. This really helps you establish credibility. The investor clubs will reward you also. They will publish these articles in their newsletters!

Create a Monthly Community Workshop – This is one of my favorites. I started in a local library with maybe a handful of people. The word spread and I grew to 12, 24, 48 then 70+ and the library said I had to go! Then I went to a hotel and grew to over two hundred people. Even when I had only a small group in the beginning I got a deal out of every single meeting. When it grew to over two hundred people I always had a line 20+ deep waiting to talk to me at the end of the session. I always got multiple deals out of these events. Amazing!

Write a Monthly Newsletter – OK I have to admit I started and stopped this multiple times. It is time consuming. However, when structured and titled properly it does bring in business. BIG HINTS: Don’t call it “John’s newsletter”. No one will open it and the pros will make fun of you. Call it something relevant like Jacksonville Investors Press. Also, don’t just put real estate related info in there. Include information on other subjects like local events, personal development, health, money, cars, children, shopping – you get the picture. Make it interesting. It is work and it does work.

Here is a rundown of available advertising mediums:

Craig’s List – Bar none, this is one of the best ways to reach your marketplace. It’s free and has a wide audience. They even have a tutorial for you to learn from.

FB, Twitter, LinkedIn – Use your network(s) in Social Media to get the word out. Be careful how you use social media. There are rules of etiquette that you must first learn for each one. The number one taboo is spamming your network. Never abuse the privilege of social media. If you do you will be shunned, un-friended, un-liked, un-connected and unsuccessful!

Church – Churches usually have weekly bulletins in which you can advertise your vacancies. This works well for large congregations but I would use it in small churches as well. Look in your church’s current bulletin and there should be instructions or at least contact information that you can use to get started.

Grocery store – Usually have a bulletin board where you can pin a flyer with tear off phone number tabs. You need to check this regularly. Sometimes they disappear. Sometimes other people will post their notice right over top of yours. If you’re really lucky all of your number tabs will be gone!

Restaurants – They often will let you put a stack of flyers of business cards near the check out. The next time you’re dining at one of your local favorite restaurants speak to the owner or manager. Someone with the authority to act is always on duty at a restaurant. Please note that there are some other great marketing and advertising opportunities here. For example, ask the proprietor if he/she will offer a discount or free meal coupon (get several) for you to use as a reward to give to your good tenants who refer other good tenants to you. Use your imagination!

Local publications – Penny Saver, Green sheet, they’re in every community and are very inexpensive. Unlike the large publications like your big city paper, I have had a lot of success with these types of publications. Call and ask for their rules and regulations. Learn the rules of their advertising game and you will master the game. Some ads you will place for one to two weeks. Some you will place for a year. You will also learn where in the publication to place your ads, how big, how small, special features, etc. Hint – Any time you can have your ad placed in a box you will get better results!

Direct Mail – By far this brings in the best leads. You can identify your target prospects by accessing local tax records – usually free and online – and locate the owners of multi-unit properties. Then send them something they will see perceived value in. Remember the old saying in advertising “WIIFM” What’s in it for me?

Your Own Website


Ad Words

Joint Ventures



The possibilities are endless. I believe God wants us to be happy not sad, wealthy not poor, healthy not sick. I believe it is our duty to fulfill the purpose that He has intended for our lives, which is to bring others closer to Him. What better way to do this than to be our highest and best selves, living examples of how joyful life can be when we make the absolute most of the precious gift of life He has given us?

When you own investment real estate you are providing a good service to your fellow man. You are helping yourself by helping others first. And herein lies one of the greatest truths of success and that is that if you help enough other people get what they want then you will get plenty of what you want. You can thank Zig Ziglar for that pearl of wisdom which is actually scriptural in its origin.

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Written by Gary Wilson, June 18, 2014

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