How do you market yourself as an Investor Agent Part 5

by | Sep 28, 2018

Create Your Own Website/Blog

Now, I’m going to ask you guys to do me a favor. Don’t get sucked into all this. Yes, you should have a website, but keep it small and simple. A lot of people are going to talk about social media and websites and all this stuff, to make it sound like this is the end all, is all.

It’s not the end all, be all. It plays a certain role in your overall marketing and advertising plan. But if you find yourself spending more than a few hundred bucks on a monthly basis, you’re spending too much money.

This can be a huge money pit, like a boat. It’s a lot of fun in the beginning, it’s exciting. And then all of a sudden you don’t use it as much, and it sucks money out of your pocket. Website development is the same. You can spend a ton of money and get very little feedback, and very little business out of it. So keep it simple.

In the beginning, spend your money on direct mailings. Spend your money joining clubs. Spend your money forming your own monthly group.

When you start doing this stuff, it takes time and energy and money.

It’s the same with blogging. I like blogging, blogging works. But AdWords can be expensive and you need to know what you’re doing. Google AdWords, Yahoo… it all takes a lot of money.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a huge money pit. Same thing with Facebook. If you don’t take that class I recommended for Facebook, it can become the Facebook fireplace. You just throw money in and it burns up. You need to know what you’re doing.

So, don’t try these other things until you already have a business up and running and you’re looking to grow, okay?

Joint Ventures

What you can do is joint ventures. Joint ventures are where you team up with a credit guy, or you team up with a lender or a home inspector or a home warranty group.

Together you put on a group program or a community event. Maybe you can have a picnic, for example. But joining forces with somebody. Maybe it’s another agent across town. Together and you leverage one set of activities and one set of expenses. And you each bring in clients. If it’s on the West side of town, you get those clients. If it’s on the East side of town, they get those clients.

If you decide to create a newsletter – and again, don’t do this until you’re already up and running – you can have affiliates. Lenders, inspectors, painters, carpet guys, contractors, landscapers, the removal guys, the list goes on. Have them give you a few bucks every month to put their ad in your newsletter. Now you can get your newsletter paid for. You will still have to create (or outsource) it, but those guys will get business from you as a result.


People love videos these days. You should be doing video, too. You can do it from your iPhone. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Set up a YouTube account that matches your website.

Do a quick five-minute video, “Hey, guys. Here’s something I discovered recently when it comes to analyzing multi-unit properties.” Or, “Hey, guys, I want to share a trick you can use when you’re going to get financing on a multi-unit property.” Just a quick video and always put a link back to your website, along with your contact information.

Upload it to YouTube. Put it on your website. Send it out in your emails. You can do most of this right from your phone. Just get those things going viral.

And by the way, the more YouTube videos you have, the more you will be rewarded by Google, because Google owns YouTube. There’s a lot more to that than meets the eye, but I just gave you a really big tip, there.

So use videos. It doesn’t take long. Once you get used to it, you can crank one out in a matter of minutes. You can do them all on your smartphone. And you can do it on the fly. You can do it while you’re sitting in a parking lot, waiting for a client. You can do it to promote your listings.

There are all kinds of things you can do with YouTube. And once you create it, you need to put it out there. Send it out through texting, through emails, through your website. You can post it on your blog, and you can link to your blog from inside YouTube, too.

The possibilities are endless. I hope you will take some of these ideas and implement them right away. I believe God wants us all to be happy, not sad. Wealthy, not poor. Healthy, not sick. And it’s our duty to fulfill our purpose, the way He intended our lives to be. What better way to do this, than to be our highest and best selves? To be living examples of a joyful life.

You can do this by following the techniques in this course. We absolutely need to make the most of this precious gift of life we’ve been given. You can thank Zig Ziglar: “If you only help enough other people get what they want, you will have plenty of what you want.”

It’s so true, because it all comes down to service. We’re all here to serve. However you slice it, whatever you do, when you learn how to serve people through your own particular passion (in this case it’s Real Estate), I promise you will prosper abundantly.

Learn all you can. I highly recommend you use these strategies yourself to Invest for yourself.

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