How do you market yourself as an Investor Agent Part lll

by | Sep 21, 2018


Most churches have a church bulletin. You should absolutely be advertising in your church bulletin. Just before I recently moved, the church I attended had 2000 families. That’s like 6000 people. It’s usually very inexpensive, but you have to be careful how you present your ad.

Most people place similar ads to realtors. They’ll put a picture of themselves that says, “Look at me, me, and me. I’m number one. I’ve got all these tags and nations, you should use me.” That doesn’t work.

You need to talk about them, them, and them. It’s not about what’s in it for you, the Agent. It’s about what’s in it for your consumer. If you’re a realtor, in every ad you need to offer a free market analysis and a free list of homes for sale. Just do those two things in every ad.

Give the potential client something of value to them, and they will call you. They will email you, and you’ll develop a relationship from there. That’s a big, big tip. If you’re still doing it the old way, “Look at me, me, me,” they won’t care.

What they want to know is what you can do for them. And what you can do for them is help them find properties and help them sell properties. Offer them a free market analysis, and a free property search. Trust me.

Grocery Stores

Almost every grocery store has a bulletin board. Here you want to do a super simple ad. Put a really cool color picture up there, like, with you and your dog.

The picture is just to get their attention. If your ad is just a bunch of writing, most people will walk right by it. But put a photograph up there and it’s going to catch somebody’s eye. A good looking dog or you playing Frisbee at the beach with your dog.

If you’re on there on a surfboard with a dog, or you’re hiking with a dog, people will take a second look. At the bottom, just simply put a tear-off with your number that says something like, “Learn to invest for free,” and add your phone number. I promise it will work if you do something like that.


I love restaurants for a couple of reasons. I generally don’t like putting an ad on their placemats since it usually doesn’t work, but the same principle that applies in a grocery store will work in a restaurant. In other words, don’t just put your picture with your phone number, email address, and “Call me to sell your home, because I sell a lot of homes.”

Who cares? But again, offer a free market analysis, and a free property search, and you’ll get some calls.

But what really does work great in restaurants is, instead of using their placemats or napkins, just put a little business card stand cashier counter. If you’re a regular patron, they’ll often let you do that for free.

Here’s where the really big goodies come in. Talk to the proprietor. Almost every restaurant, on any shift, has someone present who has some management responsibilities. They’re a decision maker. Approach this person and say, “Look, I would like to refer my new clients to your restaurant.”

It could be your tenants and your clients’ tenants, but more importantly, it should be your new Investor clients. You could say, “Look, I would like to offer a bonus or a gift to my clients. I want to give them a gift card to your restaurant. Will you allow me to give them a $25 gift card for free? You give me a stack of cards. And maybe it’s not $25, maybe it’s a buy one meal, get one free. But if you let me do that, I’ll give those only to my clients who are in the area. I’ll bring them to your restaurant. It allows me to give my clients a thank you gift. It allows you to bring in new consumers who will potentially eat at your restaurant on a regular basis once they see how good your food is.” That’s the approach I want you to take with these restaurants.

The latter approach, okay? That’s where the relationship works. If you don’t understand that, please re-read this section again.

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