Investor Agent Home Study Course

The Path To Prosperity

Investor – Agent Making More Money Not More Work


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10 Module Online Video Home Study Course

Module 1 Working with Investors
Rules of engagement

Module 2 Finding the Right Location
Best areas
Flips or rentals

Module 3 Purpose to Invest
When to invest
Getting your license

Module 4 Flipping
Targeting properties
HUD homes

Module 5 Analyzing Properties
Property analysis

Module 6 Buying Rentals
Buying turnkey properties
Remodel and sell for profit

Module 7 Wholesaling
Have the right legal language
Separate LLC

Module 8
Obtain a RE license
Client representation

Module 9 Local Investor Clubs/Activities
Branding yourself

Module 10- Social Media Groups
Meet- Up

Bonus 1 Tax Strategies
Paper loss/gain

Bonus 2 Purchasing Properties/ Financing
Using LLC
How to pay/financing

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Price: $396.00

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Time Tested, Proven Money Making Methods, In Every Market Large and Small. Fundamentals Don’t Change.

The million dollar question is always: “How did you accomplish all this?”

By Taking Action. I recognized how easy it was to systematize these methods because they are repeatable when you have repeat clients!

And I simply took action and repeated these same actions over and over again.

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Price: $396.00

Buy now!