Module 1 What is Wholesaling? Part 1

by | Mar 8, 2019

Welcome to Wholesaling so Everybody Wins. This is the system where you’ll learn how to profit from wholesaling so that everybody wins, you’re compliant with the law, and there are no broken contracts, whether you’re a real estate agent or an investor. Or perhaps you’re both.We’re going to cover all of that here.

There are a lot of people wholesaling out there who are not doing it correctly. Frequently, they’re not even aware of what they’re doing wrong. (Yes, there are people who are doing it correctly, and God bless them for being ethical and honorable, and most importantly, profitable.) In this module, I’m going to take some time to show you what you’re going to get in the series and lay out our agenda. There are 10 modules, and plus a surprise bonus—an interview with a real estate agent who has been working with wholesalers for quite a while. She sheds a lot of light on this business. It will reaffirm and give you a real world picture of what it’s like to wholesale properly, and profit immensely while you’re at it.

First things first, I want to remind you, this material is copyright protected. Any unauthorized use, duplication or resale will subject you to punishment and penalty to the fullest extent of the law.Now let’s talk about why to wholesale and how it’s profitable. We’re going to actually directly tie this to your objectives. Then we’ll talk about some basics on rental properties, flipping, and wholesaling so you can understand the relationship between wholesaling and the other two investing methodologies.When you’re wholesaling, you’re probably going to be working with a property that someone else is going to flip or purchase as a rental property. Very rarely do you actually wholesale something directly into the hands of an owner-occupant. (Yes, it does happen, and we’ll go over that, but more likely, you’re wholesaling to an investor.)

We’ll talk about some tax benefits of investing. Business structure is important. I am a big fan of using LLCs. There are other business entities though. I’ve used a number of them myself and I’ve spoken to a number of tax accountants and attorneys, and even the IRS over the years. I can tell you that just a basic simple LLC probably ends up being the best.

In the case of wholesaling, you also have the option in some states of doing what’s called a net listing. We’ll go over that. We’re also going to talk about how to get buyers. The principle of getting your buyers before contracting a sale is cornerstone to success in wholesaling. Many wholesalers are not doing that. They’re doing it backwards by trying to locate properties first. Then we’ll get into finding the properties that you’re going to be wholesaling. I’ll get very granular with this. We’re going to dig deep. When you go through that material, you’re going to dramatically increase your odds of profiting (for both you and the buyers of your wholesale deals or contracts) so that they win and you win—and when it’s win/win, the reality is that you will have repeat customers or clients. People will come back to you again and again to take your deals.

Then we’re going to get into specific types of properties and some neighborhood aesthetics. We’ll also get into analyzing properties. When you’re wholesaling a property to an investor, you need to be able to analyze it and demonstrate that it is a good and wise investment, whether a flip or a rental. We’re going to go over all of that.Then we’re going to talk about specific owners for properties, how to identify them, and how to approach them so you can properly structure a deal that’s win/win for them, too. If you’re not a licensed real estate agent, we’ll also cover how to find the right kind of realtor to work with,because a lot of wholesalers don’t think they can use licensees if it runs counter to their objective(but that’s incorrect).

The fact is if you find the right kind of agent—what we call the investor agent—you expand your wholesaling world dramatically. When you have the right kind of agent on your team, everything will be easier.Then we’re going to talk about the offers: how do you actually structure the offer, how do you present the offer, how do you get your offer accepted, and then finally, how do you actually sell the contract and make money. What happens if you don’t sell the contract? What are some options available to you? We’ll also talk about that. The final thing is we’re simply going to put you on the right path, the right way, and we’re actually going to show you the steps to take so you literally know from day one, from step one, what your very best next move is. For those of you who don’t know me, my passion is real estate. I’ve been doing this for a long,long time.

In fact, I’m in my 31st year. I have a lot of experience investing, and also building businesses around investing like brokerage companies, property management companies, title companies, and appraisal companies—you name it, we’ve done it.My commitment is because of where I am in my station of life. I want to demonstrate, instruct,and guide you step by step so that you can accomplish the same kinds of results. Anybody can do this. I know you’ve heard that a million times before, but boy is it true. I’m going to show it to you literally step by step. Welcome aboard!

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