Let’s talk about the two roles: Investor and Agent.

by | Jul 11, 2018

While you may not have studied this, I have. I can tell you most Investors do not become Agents. I can also tell you that most Agents do not become Investors. I don’t know why. I really don’t Care. The bottom line is these two facts have created a world of opportunity for me and others I’ve already taught.

Rules of Engagement

If and when they overlap (which they rarely do), you need to know how to react to the different. We will cover this later. So what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Should I get my license before I start investing or should I start investing before I get my license?

That is a good question. I was an investor before I got my license. I don’t know a lot of agents do invest, at least the way I do. Some of them will buy a house here, and a house here and a duplex and call themselves investors. They’re not investors. That’s a hobby. If you are an investor you actually make an income, a regular, recurring income stream building wealth from investing in real estate. The kind you can actually live off of. The kind that allowed me to retire from the corporate world after investing for five years when I was only forty years old. That’s right. I retired when I was forty. Lived off the rental income I had.

Let’s talk about you.

  1. A) Perhaps you’re young and just starting out. You may not have a lot of capital. You may not have a lot of resources to go out and start investing.

Yes, you can use all the no-money-down techniques and For Sale By Owner techniques that supposed gurus teach, but you will spend a lifetime trying to make that stuff work – and will have very little to show for it. If you are starting off, and don’t have a lot of capital, I say get your license. Even if you are working in the corporate world, you can use it on half-day Saturdays, or 1-3 evenings during the week to pull some commissions to save for down payments in Real Estate investments. Or you can simply keep socking that money away so you have the option to leave the corporate world if you want to.

  1. B) Maybe you are experienced and starting over. You have some capital. I suggest you get your license and start investing right away.

Do not wait. Opportunities abound right now. We are in an awesome environment of incredible prices relative to historical averages. And incredibly low-interest rates relative to historical averages. We have not seen a recession like we just had in eighty years. We have not seen interest rates like we’re seeing now in fifty years. If you’re my age, and I am not going to tell you how old I am, but I can tell you it was back in the 1960s when we last saw these kinds of interest rates. When I started investing in the 1980s, interest rates were twice (or even more than double) what they are now. I used the exact same techniques I teach now. They just work even better now because interest rates are friendlier.

Maybe you have capital, maybe you don’t. If you’ve already been in the workforce for a while or you are already an Agent, by all means, you need to learn how to work with Investors. I can tell you when the economy turns we don’t know if it will be five years, ten or twenty but when it does you’ll still be making income. And all the traditional Agents are not. And they’ll be jumping out of the business.

*By the way, if you take the Rental Profits without the Pain course, you will learn there are multiple ways to get money for investing where you may not even necessarily have to go to outside sources. I’m not suggesting you don’t get a first mortgage (particularly with today’s interest rates) but finding money for your down payment can come from a 401k, a whole life policy, equity in your existing home, or even equity in rental properties you own.

  1. C) If you already have the residual income you’re in good shape. God bless you. By all means, maybe you can start flipping.

I will tell you this right now: Don’t follow the advice of the guys that tell you to flip first to raise money to then invest and hold property. Invest and hold first. Build a solid income stream, a solid foundation so that when you go flipping, if something doesn’t go right you’re still in business. Don’t be the guy who flips right out of the gate. One out of three flips doesn’t go so well. If the first one flops, you’ll be a flip-flop. I don’t want you to be completely side tracked. Not just for a month, but for years, maybe forever.

Build an income stream first by buying rental properties. Give yourself some options. That recurring residual income is what gives you freedom. You need to look at your circumstances. Are you young or more experienced? Do you have some capital, or not? Do you have residual income, or not? Those who have capital, who have residual income, obviously have more options available than those who don’t. Never fear. You have to start somewhere.

When I was 22-years old and just getting out of college, I bought my first investment property literally, the month after I graduated. I’ve never looked back.

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