Episode 117: Mastering Short Term Rental Investment, with Michael Sjogren

Michael is the host of the Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast and founder of the Short Term Rental Secrets Mastermind, a training, and mastermind program that helps investors launch, automate and scale their short-term rental portfolios. 

Michael and his wife Krysten founded Occupied, LLC, a national short-term rental investment and management company in 2017, as a vehicle to build passive income so they could stop trading away time from family for a paycheck. That vision came to fruition within 18 months when their short-term rental portfolio replaced their income and Krysten and Michael both left their corporate jobs. They are based out of Boston, MA, and currently have a portfolio of 41 short-term rental properties across four states including 2 boutique hotels on Boston’s north shore.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Michael Sjogren?
  • Michael shares how they start in the business.
  • What is Airbnb?
  • How does Airbnb work?
  • How to choose a property based on geography.
  • Michael believes that you should not be in a major market for Airbnb to work.
  • What are the factors to consider in venturing this Short Term Rental Investment?
  • How to find the right kind of property for Airbnb?
  • What are certain tools or methods in looking for a property?
  • Michael shares how she can be contacted.

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