Episode 123: Creating a Tax-Free Revenue, with Leonard Cabral

Leonard is able to offer top life insurance policies and financial services to ensure you, your family, and your future are always in the best of hands.

With over two decades as an entrepreneur and “creative thought leader” Leonard Cabral Sr. offers a unique blend of vision, passion and leadership. He is a leader for Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) in Hawaii and across the nation.  Cabral partners with a dynamic team of like-minded entrepreneurs whose mission is to change the mindset of a generation and impact future generations. 

Cabral’s signature that differentiates him from others is his uncommon complement of financial literacy combined with years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner including a chain of retail stores. 

There is nothing small about this “Hawaiian Supa-Man”… he’s a big-thinker with a huge personality, second only to his huge heart. Of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese and Filipino descent, Cabral appeals to diverse populations. He has an incredible gift to view concepts with a wide lens, narrowing it down to “connect the dots,” helping others understand complex issues and achieve success. Cabral cites that his success represents the families and lives he’s impacted. He also attributes his success to being coached and mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. In turn, he enjoys blessing others through mentorship.

Leonard and wife Leslie have been married for — years, raised two sons, Jamie and Ikaika and four fur babies.  Although this “Hawaiian Supa-Man” is the face of the business – make no mistake, his wife Leslie is an equally strong partner in life and definitely in business. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Leonard Cabral?
  • How did he become a Life Insurance Agent?
  • Leonard shares how life insurance could be a financial foundation.
  • What are the three things about today’s life policies?
  • A more efficient and better place to store money aside from banks.
  • What is the Medical Living Benefit policy?
  • Leonard explains control and arbitrage`.
  • What are the beautiful things about life insurance?
  • How does he motivate others to have a tax-free income?
  • Difference of Whole Life, Universal Life, and Index Universal Life.
  • What is Free Funding Policy?
  • Leonard shares how he can be contacted.

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