Episode 129: Exploring Property’s Development Potential, with Cody Bjugan

Cody is a father of 3. He started his career as a flooring salesman but motivated by his desire to provide an extraordinary life for his family he found a backdoor into the real estate development business.

19 years after finding that backdoor, Cody has been a key player in 30 development projects, developing 2,300 lots/units from raw dirt to create $920M in revenue from residential real estate development.

Now that Cody is a full-fledged developer, he believes offering others a hand up is a defining part of his legacy.

That’s why he started VestRight in 2019, to teach others the system that got him into the game, a simple way to create 5 to 7-figure paydays from off-market land deals, without owning or developing the land, without debt, and with very little cash at risk

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Cody Bjugan?
  • What is land developing?
  • Cody shares what they do in their business.
  • How do they know where to acquire land?
  • What is PIF (Purpose Impact Fulfillment)?
  • What is VestRight?
  • Cody shares the process of developing a land property.
  • What is their specialty?
  • Believe in The longer you wait to get paid, the more you’re gonna make.
  • The biggest way to be effective is to stay in your lane and to stay in your flow.
  • Cody shares how he can be contacted.

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