Episode 130: Analyzing The Value Of A Property, with Bharat Kanodia

Bharat Kanodia has valued over 2000 businesses and signed off on assets worth $2.6 trillion in value. He has appraised unique assets like the Golden Gate Bridge, Atlanta Airport, Uber, Airbnb, Yahoo!, Brooklyn Bridge, Mirage Casino LV, among many others. Bharat is the Founder of Veristrat, a company that helps startup founders and VCs by telling them what their companies are worth. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his family and enjoys sailing, golfing, skiing, and horseback riding.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Bharat Kanodia?
  • How did he start his career?
  • Bharat describes what they usually do after clients call them.
  • How to value a piece of land with a view?
  • What is the most interesting project Bharat has worked on for?
  • Does Bharat also do an evaluation for the Airbnb property?
  • What is the project that is the most challenging one?
  • What are the different evaluations Bharat is doing?
  • When is the best time to get an appraisal?
  • Bharat shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Bharat Kanodia:


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