Episode 145: Building a Better Living, with Karl Krauskopf

Karl got his start in real estate flipping houses. His business has always focused on acquiring and renovating significantly under market value properties in areas experiencing tremendous market appreciation. 

As Karl diversified and scaled his business, real estate development was the natural next step and it is now the primary focus of Auroras Investment Group. Before real estate, Karl obtained his MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. He left a position of 10 years (to pursue real estate investment full-time) where he was running strategic planning and business development for a business services healthcare company that grosses $100M annually.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Karl Krauskopf?
  • What are they focusing on now in the business?
  • Karl shares their goal for this year.
  • What is his career before venturing Real Estate Industry?
  • Why did he decide to shift into Real Estate Investing?
  • Karl recalls two of his favorite books.
  • What is Karl’s strategy as an investor?
  • What are the area and the product they are focusing on?
  • Karl shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Karl Krauskopf:

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