Episode 154: Building Real Wealth Through Real Estate, with Kent Ritter

Kent is a former management consultant, corporate executive, and startup owner.  After successfully exiting his first company, Kent turned his focus to real estate. Now, Kent is the CEO of Hudson Investing, a multifamily investment firm which helps busy professionals scale and diversify their real estate portfolio with cash flowing, wealth building assets.

Kent can share his entrepreneurial journey, how he left his W2 job,  and the lessons he’s learned building two companies. He is looking to provide an impactful interview full of practical tips that business owners and new entrepreneurs can implement to expedite their success.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Kent Ritter?
  • How did they start their own firm?
  • Kent shares how he acquire knowledge about Real Estate.
  • Geography is extremely important in acquiring property.
  • What are the cities great to invest?
  • What are the resources Kent use in looking for a property?
  • What kind of metrics are they looking at?
  • How to determine if a property meet your criteria?
  • Kent describes his first and the last property he bought.
  • It is great to find people with great experience when you are still starting.
  • Kent shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Kent Ritter:

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