Episode 155: Achieving More Personal and Professional Success, with Rodman Schley

Rodman Schley is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, award-winning and Emmy nominated television producer and host, published author, executive consultant, entrepreneur coach and keynote speaker whose unique approach to real estate investment entrepreneurship, business and leadership has earned him rave reviews from investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders across the country.

His most popular talk, Evolution Revolution, draws from Rodman’s own history of challenging and empowering people to re-learn how they synthesize information and encouraging them to utilize new technology to achieve more personal and professional success. He teaches investors, entrepreneurs, executives and employees how to change they way they think, revise their approach to industry innovations and understand cutting edge methodologies.

As an entrepreneur, Rodman has been involved in owning, selling or launching more than 25 businesses. His businesses have ranged from a television production company, to a national poker tour.

Rodman also found massive success in the commercial and residential real estate investment and valuation industry. The founder and CEO of Commercial Valuation Consultants, he has been involved in the valuation of more than $10 billion in residential and commercial real estate throughout his career. His forward-thinking vision and exceptional business communication skills earned him an appointment to the Appraisal Institute National Board of Directors. Under his guidance, he earned the respect of the national body and was awarded the Y.T. and Louise Lee Lum Award for national contributions to the valuation industry. In 2019, he was honored to be named the Appraisal Institute’s National Vice President. In 2021, he served as the national President of the organization.

But for all of the success he has had as an entrepreneur, Rodman has earned widespread recognition as the creator, executive producer and host of the hit PBS show Urban Conversion, which has aired in more than 250 markets in the U.S. and on the Create TV Channel, in Portugal, Greece and numerous other countries internationally. The show, which he launched with his wife Gina, centers around the sustainability movement. In its first season, Urban Conversion received a personal invite from First Lady Michele Obama to film at the White House, an episode that drew national acclaim upon airing. Urban Conversion has won an astounding 30 Telly awards for social responsibility and education, and was nominated for an Emmy in 2020.

As a producer, Rodman has also overseen poker programming and comedy specials, including the nationally televised hit “Delete”, starring Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue.

A versatile business mind, Rodman also served as one of the early investors in, and CFO of, the DeepStacks Poker Tour, the world’s preeminent mid-major poker tour. He played a major role in shaping the company, and was the point person for the tour’s acquisition by the World Poker Tour in 2016.

Rodman lives in Arvada, outside of Denver, Colorado with his wife Gina and their two daughters.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Rodman Schley?
  • How does he start in real estate business?
  • Rodman shares how he ends up in Short Term Rental business.
  • He is also a Commercial and Residential Rel Estate Appraisal.
  • Looking at the market from more income base decision processwillmake you do better in real estate market.
  • There is no difference between a two million property vs half million property if the cashflow works.
  • Rodman share an advice about investing in other state where you live.
  • What are the things might happen in the market due of the inflation?
  • How Rodman sees about the timing in acquiring properties?
  • When it comes to investing,the best opportunity is now.
  • Rodman shares how he can be contacted.

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