Episode 74:

Wendy Patton is a very successful creative real estate investor who started when she was young and broke. Creative seller financing is a way to invest in real estate without using traditional bank financing. Wendy Patton’s focus is on lease options, subject tos, and land contracts (contract for deed).

At the age of 21, Wendy started investing in real estate. Like most young adults she was single, broke, thinking “Corporate America” was her only future. She graduated from college, was hired for that corporate America “dream job”, but was $20,000 in debt. She found real estate investing and realized that Corporate America wasn’t the golden path to what she wanted.

When she began investing in real estate, she didn’t fully understand her financing options, so she started purchasing real estate investment properties on her credit cards.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Wendy shares how she started with real estate investing.
  • Wendy shares how she bought properties without spending money.
  • How to start Real Estate Investing through Lease Option.
  • Wendy explains the importance of the Lease Option.
  • Wendy shares some opportunities where someone doesn’t need to sell in order to buy.
  • Wendy shares how a Real Estate agent helps her in deriving a better decision if it is an investment or not.
  • Wendy shares some notes in considering a seller.
  • Wendy shares what to think about in looking for a buyer.
  • Wendy shares about the difference between Texas and California when it comes to real estate.
  • How eviction generally is much easier than a foreclosure.
  • Wendy shares about how to apply strategies whether you are at the top or bottom in the market.
  • Wendy shares her website where they can find her blog, books, and courses about Real Estate investment.

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