Real Estate and How to Unlock Your Freedom

by | Aug 26, 2019

Real Estate and How to Unlock Your Freedom

I had the privilege of chatting with Matt Aitchison, a seven-figure investor, entrepreneur, and speaker, about the power of real estate to change lives and catapult people into fulfillment and happiness. Matt has experienced this himself, as he started out adulthood expelled from high school and later jailed in college with felony charges looming over his head. After beating the criminal charges, Matt took a good look in the mirror and realized it was time for a change. Like many of us, he resolved to be an entrepreneur and so discovered the world of real estate.

Just like you, Matt’s dream wasn’t to work in real estate. However, Matt also understood that pursuing your dreams is a risky business, one that can leave you high and dry with little to show for it. To minimize his own risk, Matt utilized real estate investing as a vehicle for income and, as he got older, a vehicle for something much more important: his freedom. Thanks to Matt’s successes in real estate, he is free to live the life that he wants: chasing his passions and traveling the world without fear of losing stability.

Matt and I stress the importance of finding your “why” when it comes to real estate investing and any other challenging endeavor. Matt’s personal “why” evolved over time. It began as the typical why: earn a lot of money. As Matt’s life changed, his wife and daughters became his whole world, and he knew that creating the best life for them and for as many people as possible would be the most fulfilling “why” to follow. Matt dedicates himself to “prosperity through service”, and encourages our audience to determine their “why” and use it as gasoline to fuel their dreams.

Staying Nimble in Investing

As Matt demonstrates, flexibility and adaptability are crucial skills for winning the real estate game. Many of you are not investors or entrepreneurs by trade, and that’s great. Whether you’re a chiropractor, a teacher, or a banker, real estate is for you. If you own a business, a quick tip is to start an LLC, loan money from your business to the LLC, and use those funds to invest and pay your real estate earnings back into your primary profession and your other interests.

Matt believes entrepreneurship is a potent vehicle for self-discovery due to the highs and lows involved. To stay consistent, Matt recommends a mindset shift: always treat investing like a business, not a hobby. He and I agree on how important it is to be nimble when you invest and pay attention to the market. It is absolutely critical that you do research and surround yourself with mentors and experts in the field. These mentors will teach you how to leverage hardship as an opportunity to invest and deliver quality real estate to the people who may need it. Data is your friend, and a flipping market may switch to a different kind of market very quickly.

Matt continues to emphasize tracking, number crunching, and market analysis to determine the best investment options for you.  We both recommend looking in unlikely areas, such as Fort Wayne, Indiana or even Flint, Michigan. Opportunity can arise in unlikely places, and with the proper mentors and masterminds in your corner, Matt and I know you can kick butt, dominate the real estate game, and launch the life you’ve always wanted.

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