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I believe every beginning investor must go through some really trying experiences in order to test their mettle and push through perceived barriers of stress and anxiety. I was no exception and I have a pretty high tolerance to stress.

The third property I bought was 49 Grant Street in Etna. Over the years this property was a real cash cow. To this day I can’t understand why. The lady I bought it from said the same thing. I was in for a rough ride from the day of closing (actually before).

The seller delayed the closing so she could collect unpaid rents. This should have been my first warning.

Fortunately, I poured over all of the property documentation including the leases, where I discovered that she had collected the last month’s rent up front. No one else knew this and she didn’t disclose it. So what would have happened is that I would not have been credited with that at the closing had I not discovered it. When the tenants’ leases were up they would not have paid the last month’s rent – pointing rightly to their leases. The seller, of course, had conveniently forgotten this little tidbit of information.

I know, we are entrepreneurs and we don’t have “problems” – we have “challenges.” Well, I’m telling you this was a problem!

This was all just the beginning. It turned out the nice little man on the first floor who was the single parent of the cute little girl in kindergarten, was also a professional deadbeat and tenant from hell. His cute little niece and her fiancé lived on the second floor. But that’s okay, because I had a crackhead on the third floor. He was a social guy, so he shared some of his crack with the cute young lady on the second floor who quickly became what is known as a “Crack Ho.” I didn’t know what the H@#$ crack was or how bad it was… but I would a few years later.

Anyhow, back to Mr. Wonderful on the first floor. Trying to get rent out of this guy was like trying to extract a molar from a bull by going through his ass. It was difficult and messy. Oh, I’m stubborn. I got my rent, but not without a lot of work.

This was my first experience. Of course I learned a lot of lessons from it. I must have had this guy in court three or more times. Each time he would come up with the money at the last possible moment. I finally beat him, but not without him causing me a lot of extra work and getting me so agitated with his games that I nearly resorted to violence.

And that was just ONE floor, each floor had its own set of complications every bit as hard and some scary like the second floor girl who was spiraling downward into the dark world of crack addiction.

Now, as the new Sherriff in town, I was able to clean house and refill it with nice young female tenants – complete with jobs and checking accounts.

The next several years were good times for this property and profitable for me. But not without a cost to myself. While all of the aforementioned circumstances were taking place, I had hit my wall at the time. It was my first real test dealing with tenants and I eventually prevailed.

From that moment on I was able to handle whatever ridiculous tenant problem (I mean “challenge”) that came my way. I was always able to keep things in perspective and I kept my cool for a lot of years.

I had to learn the hard way. There were plenty of ways to learn how to buy rental property, but not much was available to guide me once I owned it. I eventually got so good that I started my own Property Management company.

Would you like to learn from my lessons without having to repeat them yourself? Good! I wrote this for you!

My promise is to teach you what I have learned, and not just teach you how, but why, these profitable methods work. I promise that if you follow the suggestions in this training program that you will be Rental Problems Into Real Estate Profits!

Want to learn more?  Let’s get started!


Time Tested, Proven Money Making Methods, In Every Market Large and Small. Fundamentals Don’t Change.

The million dollar question is always: “How did you accumulate so many rentals?”

By building a money making Real Estate Machine one step at a time.

I am going to show you everything I did to manage a portfolio of 700 units. I started off with a pair of fourplexes and built my up from there. I built a team one function and one role at a time to help me with and eventually take over management.

I believe in real estate. I believe in the American dream. There are a lot of ways to make money managing rentals and I’m going to show you how. And I’m going to show you exactly how.

Who Should Invest in This Course?

If you have been beat by tenants to the point where you want to sell your properties,

If you have heard stories of the tenants from hell and this has kept you from getting  your own rentals,

If you are growing your own rental portfolio and suffering from the growing pains,

If you want to finally start making some REAL money in Real Estate!, then this is for you!



Price: $2997.00

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A. Eight-Week Training Program


Module one: Purchasing Rental Properties

  1. Putting Systems in Place
  2. The Buying Process
  3. Locating the Right Properties
  4. Grading Properties


  • 50min Course Instruction Video
  • Course Materials in pdf Format

Module two: Marketing and Advertising

  1. Tenant Referral Program
  2. College and University Rental Units
  3. Using Craigslist
  4. Using Social Media
  5. UsingLocal Publications


  • 47 min Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module Three: Screening Prospective Tenants

  1. Telephone Prescreening
  2. Showing Your Rental
  3. Rental Applications


  • 50 min Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module four: Section 8, Charitable Organizations and Protected Classes

  1. Learn the Ins and Outs of Section 8, Charitable Organizations and Protected Classes
  2. Service Animals
  3. Disability


  • 1hr Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module five: Security Deposits and Leases

  1. Damages
  2. Cleaning
  3. Pet Deposits
  4. Rental Leases


  • 1hr Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module six: Pets, Smokers and Nuisance Calls

  1. Pet Policy
  2. Smoker’sPolicy
  3. Lease Rules and Regulations


  • 47 min Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module seven: Maintenance, Repairs, Improvements and Bookkeeping

  1. Clean Safe Properties
  2. Keeping Properties up to Code
  3. Buildings and Improvements
  4. Bookkeeping


  • 50 min Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Module eight: Evictions and Stories from the Trenches

  1. How to Manage the Eviction Process
  2. Case Studies
  3. Legalities – Landlord Tenant Complaint – Waver of Right to Notice


  • 47 min Course Instruction Video
  • Training Materials in pdf & doc Format

Bonus one: Policies and Procedures

This section contains all of The Policies and Procedures for Managing Your Own Rental Properties

  1. Unrented Units
  2. Complaints
  3. Escrow Accounts
  4. Lease Renewals
  5. Walk Through Sheet
  6. Move Out Service
  7. Occupancy Permits


  • Training Materials in pdf Format

Bonus two: Definition of Terms

This section provides you with more than 14 pages of industry related terminology that you need to be familiar with in order to run an effective business and present the level of professionalism that commands respect.


  • Training Materials in pdf Format

Cost vs. Value

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Price: $2997.00

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