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Here’s What Clients Are Saying:

John McCann

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary on real estate ventures and give him the highest recommendation. After working for years in real estate, Gary has vast knowledge of the industry. Unlike a lot of professionals who specialize in one aspect of real estate, Gary’s knowledge has breadth and depth. He has master-level understanding of markets, knows inside and out the process of buying and selling, and is a skilled negotiator. He also knows how to avoid pitfalls along the way. Walking through a prospective property, Gary can pinpoint problems with eagle precision and because he understands construction, he can estimate on the spot what corrections could cost. You’ve heard the expression, Jack of All Trades, Master of None, well Gary is Jack of All Trades and Master of Them All. I must also discuss two more attributes that Gary has that actually top all the others: Gary is an especially nice person. He’s just a great guy. And he is honest and has high ethical standards. I recommend him highly.

Robert Noll

I’ve been working with Gary’s marketing strategies and receiving leads for more than two years. Buyers and sellers are interviewed thoroughly for specifics of what they are looking for, and are advised to start the pre-qualification process as soon as possible before I even speak with them. Once notified of a lead, I know what price range and type of property the customer is looking for. I can hit the ground running which saves me a lot of time. These also have generated additional repeat business for me. This has simplified my prospecting activities which is huge. Working with investors is simple and efficient. These investors know what they want, have done their homework to narrow down their options before I meet with them and again they are a good source of repeat business. Their decision process is usually quick, realistic and early in the search process.

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