Strategies for Whole-Life Success

by | Aug 19, 2019

Strategies for Whole-Life Success
My goal for Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women is to help professionals from all walks of life make and keep more money and grow their wealth. That’s why I bring in guests from all sorts of backgrounds who have great knowledge and incredible strategies that can help you do just that. Sometimes my guests will be real estate experts, and sometimes they will specialize in other areas of investing, finance or the business world, but they will always have some remarkable wisdom that you can implement in your own life to further your financial growth.

For this episode of Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women, I was joined by Rock Thomas for a truly motivating conversation. Rock is the founder of Rock Thomas International and the M1 Mastermind, a Certified NLP Practitioner, self-made millionaire, bestselling author and a world-renowned speaker. He spent his childhood living on a farm, growing up in a family that struggled to make ends meet. However, through learning, perseverance, drive, and smart investing, he was able to break into real estate and send his life down a different path.

Today, Rock works to teach others the important, key life skills he learned on his journey to the top. Through his M1 Mastermind and his speaking engagements, he shows others the values of self-awareness, mindset, and taking action. I hope you are able to take away valuable wisdom from my conversation with Rock Thomas.

Starting Over the Right Way
Imagine growing up poor and then finally finding a measure of financial success as a young adult, and then imagine losing everything you’ve worked so hard for all at once. That is exactly what happened to Rock; he owned a few properties and had a reasonable net worth, but then a series of devastating events brought everything crashing down around him. He found himself divorced, broke, and living on his mother’s couch.

Many people would have felt defeated in that experience, but Rock decided to start over again using key lessons he had learned during his first attempt. Rather than working too many hours for too little pay, he got involved in real estate a second time, taking a huge risk and leveraging everything he had. His leap of faith paid off, and through shrewd real estate deals he turned one property into several and turned his investment into true wealth and prosperity.

Likeminded Support Makes a Difference
During our conversation, Rock talked about the group he leads, the M1 Mastermind, and he discussed the importance of surrounding yourself with other ambitious, success-focused people. Having support, encouragement, accountability, and brainstorming with others can be a powerful catalyst for your efforts. There’s an expression that says “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, and so the idea behind a mastermind group is that you are choosing to spend time with other driven professionals like yourself. There is truly something to that idea, as the M1 Mastermind group proves.

Another important point Rock brought to our discussion was the idea that it is absolutely necessary to take action. Thinking about what you want out of life is great, but actually going out and doing what you need to do to achieve your goals is so much more worthwhile. Success comes from developing good daily habits, having the right attitude, and looking for opportunities. There are many resources that you can turn to, from business books to mentorships to podcasts to masterminds like M1. Developing your skills in networking, leadership, business and communication can pay real dividends.

Rock Thomas is a self-made success, and I hope that hearing his story and his strategies and habits helps to motivate you to achieve everything you want from life. If you would like to learn more about Rock, you can visit his website at www.rockthomas.com. To learn more about the M1 Mastermind or to apply to become a member, visit www.gom1.com. And for more episodes of the Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women podcast featuring other informative guests with actionable strategies to help you find success, please visit me at www.myinvestmentservices.com/podcast/.

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