The GIA Book

Let’s face it.

No Real Estate market ever stays the same. The market goes up and the market goes down. Anyone can make money in an up market. The trick is to make money in one that’s down. This book will show you how to not just survive but thrive in both!

Are you ready for the next market shift? What Gary teaches is EXACTLY what you need to do now so you don’t just survive but thrive in a changing economy!

Brody Saunders

Founder and CEO, IdealEstate.co

I encourage you to embrace then implement the knowledge of Gary Wilson. It’s really that good!

Frank McKinney

7x Bestselling Author, including ASPIRE! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNA TheAspireBook.com

The Global Investor Agent! You will now know the secret code for earning multiple commissions not only per client but also per deal!

Lou Brown

Creator of the Certified Affordable Housing Provider®️ certification program and founding President, National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA)

I have been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years and one of the biggest challenges is that most real estate agents in the residential world have no training or business model for working with Real Estate investors. Finally, Gary Wilson has solved this by teaching you, in his new book The Global Investor Agent.

Christopher Larsen

Founder and Managing Partner, Next-Level Income

Global Investor Agent provides a simple road map for Real Estate agents to follow on their way to multiple streams of income and financial freedom!

Tim Rhode

Founder / President / CEO, 1 Life Fully Lived Org

The GIA Book

Our approach to success is to provide exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and the essential tools to establish a successful approach to the Real Estate investment strategy. Your education, growth, and goals are something we take very seriously. As a result, we provide training for all disciplines of Real Estate, giving you the flexibility to grow in the direction of your choice. We advance your knowledge and teach you how to work with Investors, as well as how to flip homes, ​acquire rentals, wholesale properties, learn property management, and move into Commercial Real Estate.

Meet The Authors

Gary Wilson

Melanie Abraham

Betty Cappa

Gilbert Evans

Andre LA Fountain

Lisa Sears

Kathryn Uricek

Deborah Warner

Gina Hanson



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