The Virtues of Assisted Living

by | Jul 24, 2019

The Virtues of Assisted Living

In the latest episode of the Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women podcast, I spoke with Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss about the work he does in assisted living facility investments, and why assisted living offers attractive advantages over investing in single-family homes.

Steve believes that putting your real estate investment dollars into assisted living facilities is a smart and virtually recession-proof investment strategy that offers many long-term advantages. Steve is a big believer that assisted living residences are a vitally important resource for elders who need a little extra help but still want the freedom and dignity of living on their own, rather than in nursing homes.

On this episode of Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women, Steve explains how he got into the assisted living space in the first place, and he shares some of his top investment strategies for maximizing your returns on your investment. Steve is an expert in this niche, and I hope you’ll learn a great deal from our conversation.

Why Should You Consider Adding Assisted Living to Your Portfolio?

Steve believes that assisted living facilities are a fantastic investment with many upsides and few drawbacks. Consider that the number of retirees is increasing each year as baby boomers begin aging out of their working years. The need for these properties is only going to go up with more and more people entering their golden years. As the pool of potential residents increases, demand for these properties rises.

Assisted living is a great, safe way to invest. You get high monthly returns from resident rent, and you can rest assured that your investment is all but recession-proof thanks to the fact that assisted living is a need, not a want. That means it’s much more resistant to fluctuations in the real estate market than single-family homes and luxury housing.

We All Grow Older

Steve believes strongly in the advantages assisted living offers to retirees who need that little bit of extra help. It’s an important middle ground between independent living and a nursing home, and it affords residents a level of dignity that is important to all of us. By investing in assisted living, you can feel good about the ethics behind your decision, because you know your investment is helping to provide a safe and comfortable home for elders.

Also, consider that assisted living communities have many more tenants than single-family homes, so you will be collecting more rent payments for a very healthy monthly cash flow. As you yourself age, you can take advantage of this passive residual income during your retirement years, allowing you to maintain positive monthly income while still enjoying the best of your own golden years. If this sounds interesting to you, I suggest you visit Steve’s website and find out more information on how you can get started investing in this powerful opportunity.

Want to hear more? Listen to this podcast here.

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