Thinking Biggest

by | Aug 13, 2019

Thinking Biggest

My goal for Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women is to help professionals from all walks of life make and keep more money and grow their wealth. That’s why I bring in guests from all sorts of backgrounds who have great knowledge and incredible strategies that can help you do just that. Sometimes my guests will be real estate experts, and sometimes they will specialize in other areas of investing, finance or the business world, but they will always have some remarkable wisdom that you can implement in your own life to further your financial growth.

For this episode of Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women, I was joined by my friend Len Giancola. Len is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has done big things both inside and outside the world of real estate. He went from making a seven-figure Wall Street income at a very young age to developing undiscovered coastal real estate in Florida to now creating tech platforms for businesses within the cannabis industry. 

Len’s philosophy is that there’s no point in having a twenty-year plan, a ten-year plan, or even a five-year plan. Len plans for today, and he’s only got one speed: fast. That’s why his philosophy is to “think biggest” because thinking big just isn’t enough for him. I hope you enjoy his energy and insights.

Recognizing Opportunity

A big part of what has made Len Giancola such a success is that he recognizes great opportunities when he sees them and he isn’t afraid to start over and take advantage of these opportunities. When Len recognized that there was a huge section of Florida’s beautiful beaches and coastal towns along the northeast part of the state that was remarkably underdeveloped, he jumped in with a real estate plan and created what he calls his “revolving door” businesses. He offered a full-service experience to create as many revenue streams as possible from his clients.

Likewise, even though his businesses were thriving, Len decided to exit them to get involved in the rapidly growing cannabis space, an area of business that is likely only going to continue to skyrocket as more states legalize the medical or recreational use of marijuana. By getting into this industry early, Len is positioning himself for another remarkable success to add to his list. Len’s fearlessness and ability to see opportunities others may miss having been tremendous assets for him throughout his career as an entrepreneur. These are skills that we can all use in our own investments and professional work.

Thoughts on Money and Building a Family Legacy

One of Len’s goals for his most recent business ventures was to create a lasting legacy for his family, for generations to come. For Len, wealth isn’t a bad thing and money isn’t evil. Money is a resource that allows Len and his family to share in experiences, generate lifelong prosperity and help others. Len is planning on creating an organization to help children and animals with a portion of the wealth he is creating in an effort to use his wealth as a platform to lift others.

This mindset is also why Len and his wife began teaching their kids valuable lessons about money from an early age. When Len’s kids started seeing the work their parents were doing investing and generating wealth, they took notice and wanted to learn more. Len and his wife took their daughters on a sort of family mastermind retreat to teach them about investing, and they had the girls read Rich Dad Poor Dad. At ages 14 and 10, their daughters created an LLC and began investing their money carefully, and since then they have generated significant wealth for themselves independent of what their parents have been doing.

This healthy relationship with money is a big pearl of wisdom Len was able to share during our conversation. I hope you enjoy listening and learning from him. If you’d like to learn more about Len Giancola, you can listen to his podcast at https://allaboutthelenjamins.libsyn.com and if you’d like to reach out to Len you can email him at linkmasters2015@gmail.com. And for more episodes of the Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women podcast featuring other remarkable and informative guests who can help you grow your business and create wealth, please feel free to visit me at  www.myinvestmentservices.com/podcast/.

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