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Investor-Agent Training Program – Now Available!

This exclusive training program for wealth and income

building is delivered in two parts:

A. Six-week Training Program for 1 hour per week via audio-visual webinar!


B. Fifty-two weeks of Mastery Series Q & A via LIVE

1 hour audio/video webinar group coaching session


A. Six Week Training Program

This portion of the program is self-study and is delivered via our online training platform at a rate of one module per week over a period of six weeks. The curriculum is as follows:

Module One: Who You Are & Where you Are:

1. Identify your best profit strategy. Are you an Agent first or an Investor? Are you an Investor first and then an Agent?

2. Earn more and better commissions by targeting the right towns and the right neighborhoods.


Module Two: INVESTOR Rules of Engagement:

1. Close more investors by understanding their mindset when:

a. Flipping properties,

b. Renting or

c. Wholesaling

2. Maximize profits for your clients and yourself using proven, expert tools and techniques for property selection and income analysis.

Module Two is about the rules of engagement for Investors.

What do Investors do when flipping properties, versus renting or wholesaling?

We’ll include property selection and rehab. This is a very in-depth session. You’ll want to take lots of notes!

You will also get an audio with this guide to help you learn even faster.

This course is for people looking to build additional income streams either

through investing in Real Estate or getting a license and representing other Investors, perhaps

even representing themselves.

There is a lot of potential when you learn to use your license as an income-producing asset. You

can leverage it because you’re already doing the work. You’re either representing people or

investing, or both. I’ll show you how to control that… to build additional income streams…

without more work.


Module Three: AGENT Rules of Engagement:

1. Leverage your license as an income producing asset. Earn multiple commissions per client and uncover profitable investments for yourself.

2. Make more money and not just more work using this vital, record-setting process developed over my 29 years of top-producing results in both income and transactions.


Module Four: An Abundance of Clients

1. Attract and keep top quality investors with the most money and best credit

2. Increase your return on investment by using the most effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

3. REO Registration List


Module Five: Wheel Of Fortune:

1. Open the door to multiple revenue streams by expanding your lines of business.

2. Pursue at least three sources of income from the many available to you.

3. Find out how I grew my business six-fold during the recession.


Module Six: The Secrets of Financing:

1. Remove barriers by knowing and navigating the various alternative methods of financing in order to keep transactions & income flowing.


BONUS MODULE: Tax Strategies & Legal Affairs

1. Learn ten tax strategies for Real Estate Investors to use that will maximize returns on their investments AND

2. Get secret tactics for negotiating sales agreements!

3. Use my profit-protecting due diligence clauses


Below are a few examples of tools INCLUDED in the Six Week Training Program:

Calculators and Spreadsheets, You get all of the Calculators, spreadsheets, Analysis forms formulas that you will give to your investors so that they will be more successful and YOU will be more successful.(Module 2)

Client Attraction Marketing System, You get all of the techniques I used and customized over the years for working with Investors. (Module 4).

Secrets of Multiple Streams Of Income, after studying this section you will know and understand how to leverage what you are already doing for maximum profit and not adding substantially to your

Gary’s Profit Protection Contract Clauses, You get the due diligence clauses I developed over nearly three decades. These due diligence clauses ensure you and your client have the greatest opportunity to get the deal you and your client want AND with language that doesn’t create conflict with standard Board of Realtor sales agreements. (Bonus Module)

Email Support, You can use this to submit your questions to me and I will answer these directly or on our weekly live group coaching webinars. (Throughout Program)

Instant Credibility Licensing Program w/Certification. You are given the right to use all of my blogs, articles and special reports in your own marketing efforts. You can also introduce other students to this program and I will give you a 25% marketing fee for any those students you take the program! (As soon as you purchase the program)

Free Coaching/Strategy Call With Gary, During the initial six weeks of training you and I will have a One to One strategy session to really focus on the specific steps YOU will take to earn commissions now. Period! (Anytime during the initial 6 week training period)

Repeat as often as you like, Once you purchase the course material it is yours to keep and share with your clients. I respectfully ask that as a courtesy to yourself and others who have taken the program that you do not share this with other agents – only your clients who are going to help you make a lot of commissions. (Up to one year following the date you purchase the program)

B. Investor-Agent Mastery Series

This portion of the program is a LIVE, 1 hour audio-visual webinar available via your computer or smartphone.

1. Network, trouble-shoot and strategize with me, other students and graduates of the program during weekly Live Online Audio/Video Coaching for 52 WEEKS!

2. I alternate the day of the week for mastery sessions in order to accommodate everyone.

3. AND if you can’t make one of these live sessions, don’t worry, they’re recorded and everyone receives the recording the very next day!

100% Guarantee, I take this very seriously and so should you. I not only guarantee your results, I back it up with a 100 % refund policy. You have NO risk. See below for details!



Gary believes in this program, but success is directly related to you and your efforts in carrying out the techniques learned during the program. Gary promises that, if you do your part, you will be successful.

Thus, we offer an unprecedented full money back guarantee.

You will receive a full refund of your program fee if you fail to see an increase to your bottom line during the twelve (12) month period after you complete the class subject to the following:

  1. You completed all Training Modules provided and attended the Q and A’s Webinars for follow up training of the materials and completed all assigned homework instruction.

  2. You have utilized and applied the concepts learned and can show documented proof of follow up for the (12) twelve month period after class completion. Documented proof may include your diary of communications with Gary for follow up and direction needed for proper implementation of class materials. Documented proof may also include various marketing materials such as: lead generation, social networking, online marketing, etc. which demonstrates utilization of processes learned.

  3. A failure to succeed must not be the result of any action or inaction of or by any failure or fault of the student (you).

  4. You took advantage of the 1 on 1 strategy call with Gary prior to executing your first marketing launch.

No other program offers a full money back guarantee because no other program has the results that we have in achieving financial success for our students!

All for only $1997.00

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