Transferable Skills

by | Mar 2, 2020

As a regional manager with Marcus & Millichap, David Bradley runs the Chicago office for one of the largest commercial brokerages in the country. He took an internship with M&M after college and forged his own path in commercial real estate from day one. But after venturing out into a wide variety of markets and entrepreneurial opportunities, David brought it full-circle and joined the Marcus & Millichap team once again. David has experience in a wide variety of markets and niches, and he offers a unique perspective because he has spent a lot of time on both sides of the fence. It has enabled him to build an impressive portfolio of investment properties to generate passive income while he does what he loves.

Something to Gain in Every Experience

David is a huge proponent of acquiring income-producing assets to generate passive cash flow and achieve financial freedom, but it is not necessarily his passion. David is focused on doing what he truly loves—coaching, team building, and introducing new people to the industry. The investments David makes give him financial stability and freedom to do that, but you don’t have to be in real estate to achieve similar results. At the end of the day, investing is about subsidizing your professional income with passive income so you can phase out and start enjoying life to the fullest. Anyone can do that if they put in the legwork.

What is Your End Game?

Whether you are a doctor or a commercial broker, there is a lot to learn once you have chosen a strategy. After you learn the fundamental skills, you have to get out there and apply them because it is the only way to achieve mastery. One of the benefits of moving to the central hub of Chicago is that David is surrounded by real estate mavens who are doing big things. Professionals who have already done what you’re trying to do are the ultimate resource. But it isn’t just about tactics and strategies. Every successful real estate investor David has talked to has the same principles—they operate with the end in mind and make decisions based on what is going to produce the best outcome for their partners and clients. Success through service is the key to longevity.

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