Twelve Steps to Finding the Perfect Property, with Gary Wilson

by | Jun 25, 2019

Episode 13:

Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He first began investing at the young age of 23, right after his college graduation. He went on to build a portfolio of more than 250 units, covering everything from single-family homes to an apartment complex with more than 80 units. Today, Gary is a self-made millionaire who continues to practice real estate and is also the Chief Wealth and income Officer at My Investment Services and the Chief Guidance Officer at Path to Freedom. Gary is the host of the podcast Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women, where he shares his hard-won wisdom with business professionals looking to turn to real estate to grow their wealth and expand their businesses.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gary shares the methods he uses in his own real estate deals as well as for his clients. He explains why his strategy is perfect for professionals, is ethical, and doesn’t use risky no-money-down methods.
  • Gary highlights the twelve steps he uses to find ideal properties. He goes over the questions he asks to determine what types of investments are best for you. He discusses the tools he uses to break away from the herd.
  • Learn what to look for to differentiate good properties from poor properties, and what criteria to use to eliminate properties from your initial consideration. Gary shares which specific features to look for in a home, comparable to the neighborhood.
  • Gary shares efficient strategies to minimize the amount of work you have to do, and he gives tips for doing a physical inspection and analysis of your finalist properties to further narrow your list.
  • Gary discusses the most important step, to narrow down your final list to between one and three properties. Gary then helps you determine how to make your offers, one at a time, starting with the one you want most.

You can visit this link to listen on this podcast in full length.

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