Why former athletes make great real estate agents- Rebranded

by | Dec 22, 2017

Make these elite players part of your dream team

  • Whether it’s finding that perfect property, negotiating the best deal or managing a team through a real estate transaction, these scenarios are all a textbook fit for the competitive, result-oriented, persistent and teamwork-based prior pro athlete.

Today’s real estate market is fast-paced and competitive; it requires perseverance, agility and a keen acuity in locating and closing potential deals.

real estate agent, whose personality and skill sets were honed through the brutal testing ground of professional athletics, is an ideal partner for clients seeking to cross the finish line in real estate transactions. Here are four reasons why:

Athletes thrive in competition

An ambitious former pro athlete as your advocate can make all the difference. Bidding wars, negotiating terms and evaluating markets are all realities in this competitive industry that may inhibit a favorable outcome.

Some individuals may retreat when the competition becomes too stressful, but the former pro athlete has a personality that thrives when the heat is turned up, and he or she has mastered the ability to remain composed under pressure.

Clients’ needs are markedly advanced by having this person on their side deploying a competitive edge and mental toughness others often lack.

Results are what matters

Games are measured by wins and losses; the final outcome of a competitive event is black and white. Athletes are accustomed to setting goals and reaching them. It is clear to them if they do not perform as expected.

This same principle translates to the way former pro athletes view their real estate business — in terms of wins and losses.

Elite athletes constantly discern what works or what doesn’t, and if they are not succeeding, they recalibrate until they ultimately reach their desired outcome with great benefit to their teammates and clients.

Persistence pays off

“Never give up” is a universal sports mantra echoed in locker rooms, barked by coaches and eventually woven into an athlete’s psyche.

Persistence is being purposely consistent in an athlete’s day-to-day quest, especially when confronted by challenges or opposition. To achieve greatness at anything — including the pursuit of a successful real estate deal — requires persistence.

Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity basketball team as a sophomore, and Tom Brady was third-string quarterback in college. Legends like these learned the lesson of persistence early and credit this tribulation as motivation to continue training; eventually, they became some of the greatest players of all time.

Development of a persistent attitude keeps the athlete-turned-real-estate-pro motivated for days, weeks or even months. Athletes are not deterred by loss, rejection or having the cards stacked against them.

It’s in their nature to consistently put to work until they achieve what they set their mind to. Top athletes have already experienced the rewards of being persistent in their sport, so you can bet their relentless attitude will overflow into many other aspects of their lives, including real estate.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Agents, brokers, sellers, buyers, escrow officers, attorneys, loan producers, and appraisers are all integral parts of each real estate transaction. There are many moving parts that must coalesce for a real estate deal to reach completion.

It’s not unheard of for otherwise promising deals to fall through due to unreasonable expectations, poor communication, inflexibility, personality clashes or other conflicts that causes perspective to be lost.

For elite athletes, after years of playing alongside teammates, they have become experts at carrying out their duties among a variety of personality types and understand the necessity of cooperation and communication among all players.

Having a knack for operating in a team-like environment and facilitating collaboration among parties even in the presence of obstacles is yet another reason athletes turn real estate MVPs and are all the more likely to deliver successful outcomes for all parties involved.

It’s no wonder that phenomenal athletes like Magic Johnson, Oscar De La Hoya, and Emmitt Smith have succeeded in the “game” of real estate. So whether it’s finding that perfect property, negotiating the best deal or managing a team through a real estate transaction, these scenarios are all a textbook fit for the competitive, result-oriented, persistent and teamwork-based prior pro athlete.

Now, when it’s time to make your next property play, add a former all-star athlete to your real estate roster and knock that deal out of the park.

Courtesy of inman.com and credit to Viktor

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