A Business Czar from Behind Prison Bars

by | Dec 10, 2020

Keir Weimer is an expert in entrepreneurship and real estate, having founded and successfully led multiple seven-figure companies in luxury real estate brokerage, hospitality development, investment, lifestyle show and brand, and education & information, training, and event enterprises. However, that was not always the case. Keir’s success is the result of a life-changing event that forever altered his path when he was in college. He was responsible for an alcohol-related boating accident that unfortunately and tragically killed his friend. Weimer served three and a half years in New York state prison for his crime. He overcame the adversity that became his daily life, including when he was released and faced rejection from graduate schools and society, never giving up and always staying committed to his vision for a life of impact and purpose. He pledged to help others overcome extreme hardship and achieve greatness. Weimer chronicled his harrowing experience behind bars in his book, A Quest for Redemption.


During his time incarcerated, Keir decided he would repurpose his life to one of sobriety, contribution, impact, and redemption. Keir turned his motivation into success and transformed his life from prisoner to entrepreneur and business mogul. Within five years of release, he had built a successful career in real estate brokerage, investment, and development, and is consistently named the #1 Top Producing Agents and Teams at his company, Select Sotheby’s International Realty.

In addition, through his work speaking to at-risk youth in Driver’s Education programs, schools, and back in prisons, Keir is spreading his message to help others. He helped the mother of his friend pass Tiffany’s Law in the New York State Legislature, to help reduce the amount of these types of horrible accidents. Writing and leading by example, Keir shares his lessons of strength, resilience, and adversity in the face of overwhelming odds, with others who are looking to build a successful business and life.


Today, Keir is also the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions at Odessa Realty Investments, a New York-based commercial real estate investment firm. Keir is also the founder of The Thistle Island Group, LLC, a real estate holding company for commercial and hospitality investments Keir has organized and executed. Through this entity, Keir is building a boutique hospitality portfolio. He also serves as the Executive Producer and Host of Live NY, a lifestyle and destination marketing show.

To learn more about Keir and how to connect with him listen to Gary’s recent interview with him on our Massive Passive Cashflow Podcast # 71.

Episode 71: A Business Czar from Behind Prison Bars, with Keir Weimer

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