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Rental Profits Without The Pain

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Rental Profits Without The Pain

Rental Profits is a Ten-Week Online Training or Home Box Program that shows you how to:

  • Determine the best way to locate properties – areas to target, areas to avoid.
  • Learn the right numbers for determining a truly profitable investment.
  • Find the money to make your investment by leveraging your money with savings, CD’s, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate.
  • Get all the forms, templates and checklists from closing to insurance to property management so you have everything you need in place for smooth sailing.
  • Know your best Exit from the start – whether you rent, sell (flip), or lease option, there is always more than one way to make money.

Rental Profits Without The Pain Premier Training Program & Membership



  • Includes Training & Access To Our Membership And Community Sites
  • 10 Module Online training Course
  • Electronic Training Materials
  • Our Premier E-books
  • Access To Our Community Site
  • Access to all our forms, reports and calculators
  • Student and Celebrity Interviews
  • Our Monthly Newsletter
  • BONUS: On Demand, 1-0n-1 Live Strategy Session. Go over your marketing campaigns, solve transaction problems…Ensure Your Success and Dominate Your Market!

Rental Profits Without The Pain Home Study Course



  • 10 Module Online training Course
  • Electronic Training Materials
  • Calculators and Spreadsheets
  • Client Attraction Marketing System
  • Instant Comparative Return Calculators
  • Gary’s Profit Protection Contract Plug-Ins
  • Property Income Analysis
  • Bonuses
  • $600.00 Value: Power pack for Letter Campaign
  • $600.00 Value: Basics of Commercial Real Estate
  • $699.00 Value: Instant Credibility Licensing Program
  • $399.00 Value: Secrets of Flipping Larger Buildings
  • Plus ONE MONTH FREE! Path to Profit SILVER MEMBERSHIP – Access to all prior recorded webinars and expert interviews & free books. Please see Training Program Outline for more details. PLUS COMMUNITY SITE !!! Value: $Priceless!!
  • Average Profit Per Rental: $9,527.00
  • Return on Investment: Greater than 1,900%
  • Investment in training program: $396.00
  • Average Real Estate commission: $7,500.00
  • Return on Investment: Greater than 1,500%

All courses are free to GIA Team Members

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Rental Profits Without the Pain

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