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by | Feb 11, 2021

Jay Conner is a successful Real Estate Investor who has developed a system for establishing “Private Money”. However, he was not always the prominent well-established investor that he is today. When he started out investing in real estate, he made a lot of mistakes, and like so many other investors, he was taken to the slaughterhouse. He was able to relate to all the feelings and frustrations of losing out on so many deals.

Investment Frustrations

Jay established needed funding by going to his local banker and was able to do a few deals, but you know how that goes! He had to come up with Big Down Payments, pay origination fees, and, most importantly, play by their rules. (Including signing personal guarantees on everything I owned.) he hated it. He felt owned by the bank, out of control, and stressed out.

So, he made the decision to educate himself to learn about buying properties subject-to, using options, and buying with lease/options. These tools opened up his opportunities, but then the market turned south. His banker cut him off with no warning! He knew he had to find another way. He then realized he could combine the best aspects of all that he researched. And that’s when he created the basis for his system for establishing “Private Money”.

Successful Formula

Jay refined his process until he thought he had the best formula. Then he made a presentation to his first prospect. The very first person he approached gave him $250,000 in private money. Within a few short months, he had $2,150,000 in private money!

That was just a couple of years ago. He now feels that his banker actually did him a huge favor…he just didn’t realize it at the time! The 7 figures per year he’s been blessed to enjoy by creating and putting into action his “Where to Get the Money Now” system has, without a doubt, been his biggest quantum leap since becoming a real estate investor.

To learn more about Jay and how to connect with him listen to Gary’s recent interview with him on our Massive Passive Cashflow Podcast #78.

Episode 78: Know More About Private Money, with Jay Conner

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