Episode 32:

Aaron Amuchastegui is one of the principals at Homerock LLC and the President of AMA Construct Inc., a real estate consulting company focused on distressed assets. Since forming AMA Construct Inc., Aaron has managed the acquisition and sales of more than $100 Million dollars in single-family homes acquired at trustee sale and through public-private partnerships with nonprofits and banking partners.

From 2005-2009, Aaron served as the division manager for the SoCal operations of a large private homebuilder. As the real estate market started changing dramatically, so did his experience. In 2008, Aaron gained experience with distressed assets while consulting on assessment packages of large bank liquidation sales after banks were taken over by the FDIC. With portfolio note values totaling over $1B, and assets spread through 7 states, this role led to a new understanding of the current market.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Aaron discovered real estate opportunity in the adversity following the 2008 recession
  • Aaron’s step-by-step plan that you should be using if you want to go to real estate auctions
  • Using the Internet to research your properties and know exactly what you’re getting when you invest
  • Bidding practices to ensure you’re not paying your max price for every house you buy at auctions
  • How auctions differ across states and the pros and cons of attending auctions in certain states
  • The effects of market timeframes on real estate investing and strategies to leverage time frame changes
  • What Aaron does to approach his unique corner of the market and how he scales his properties

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