Episode 23:

Corey Kupfer is a successful entrepreneur, attorney, master dealmaker, and the host of the Fueling Deals podcast, where he teaches business leaders the value of growing their organizations inorganically through deals such as mergers, acquisitions, brand deals, strategic partnerships and more. Corey has been working in the business of negotiations for more than 30 years, and he is a true master at finding, negotiating and closing deals on behalf of his clients at his New York-based legal firm, Kupfer & Associates. Corey literally wrote the book on negotiations, having authored the Amazon-bestseller Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium.

What You Will Learn:

  • Corey shares his background in practicing law and his passion for being an entrepreneur. He discusses how his specialty is in negotiating and dealmaking, and he discusses why authenticity and ethics are key to what he does.
  • Corey talks about why “Authentic Negotiating” isn’t just the title of his book but also serves as a very specific style of negotiating. He shares why going into a deal with a lack of grounding and with fear, scarcity or ego will damage the deal.
  • Corey explains why dealmakers should never get attached to a deal and should be prepared to walk away if the deal isn’t right, and why equilibrium and clarity are key traits a good dealmaker should have.
  • Corey shares specific examples of the importance of clarity, detachment and equilibrium (CDE) in his clients’ own deals, and he shares how using these tools allowed him to shut down an opposing attorney’s arguments and save a deal.
  • Corey discusses when it is appropriate to talk to him about a potential deal, and he discusses the negotiating training he offers. He shares why lawyers are great at managing risk but typically not great at recognizing opportunity.
  • Corey talks about having clients all over the country and shares how he can do corporate work anywhere in the nation. He explains why doing deals with competitors can often create new opportunities.
  • Corey explains why all of your real estate holdings should be contained in a separate entity such as an LLC, to protect your assets and minimize your legal liability. He discusses the high risk involved in directly holding your assets.

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