Episode 16:

Diego Corzo is a real estate agent, investor, speaker, mentor, and Forbes-featured entrepreneur. Originally from Lima, Peru, Diego and his family moved to the United States when he was nine years old. Diego graduated in the top 1% from Florida State University and went on to a career as a software developer before realizing that corporate life wasn’t for him. He got involved in real estate in his early 20s, and just a few short years later he now owns multiple properties and a thriving business. Diego’s inspiring story has been featured in Forbes, CNN Money, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, FOX News, Telemundo and Univision.

What You Will Learn:

  • Diego discusses how he owns eighteen doors at just 28 years old, after only around four years of investing. He discusses how being a DACA recipient has created unique challenges for his real estate business and education that he has had to overcome.
  • Diego shares how he has worked both as an investor and as a realtor helping other investors. He discusses why he invests specifically with a focus on cash flow, and he talks about Austin’s unique market and what sets it apart from other cities.
  • Diego talks about his own cash flow and long-term investing, and he shares why investors should consider their priorities and what stage they are in their lives when deciding what kind of real estate investments to make.
  • Diego shares the details of one of his investments in Austin and he talks about how he rolled his profits into other investments. He talks about how he got started in real estate with minimal start up money.
  • Diego talks about the importance of reviewing the rent history and repair history of a property, and he talks about how he has dealt with the challenges he experiences that are unique to the Austin market.
  • Diego shares why partnering with other investors opens up a lot of potential for investments that you wouldn’t be able to afford only with your own money, and he talks about learning from his mistakes.
  • Diego talks about jumping into the real estate market after the market recovery was underway, and he shares how he learned important lessons about timing from watching his mother lose money in the 2008 market crash.
  • Diego discusses why his DACA recipient status has influenced his investment strategies, and he shares why the sacrifices his parents made in their lives pushes him to succeed in real estate.

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