Episode 3:

Dustin is the Chief Wealth Evangelist at WealthFit. Prior to joining WealthFit, Dustin co-founded a multi-million dollar company. He left to pursue his mission of empowering others and has since gone on to become an advisor for “Podfest Multimedia Expo”, a columnist with “Entrepreneur Media”, and the co-author of No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dustin’s life as an entrepreneur led him to leave his business and pursue wealth creation
  • Why Dustin believes passionately in wealth creation, and why he feels it is an important fit for entrepreneurs
  • Why Dustin founded WealthFit, and how the WealthFit platform works to offer a variety of wealth creation courses
  • Why you should make sure to diversify your assets to protect yourself, and why timing matters
  • Why your geographic location can give you new opportunities but ultimately isn’t the only factor that matters
  • Why Dustin does the work he does, and why he feels that wealth-building and money management aren’t taught correctly
  • How financial advisors and the media aren’t great places to learn to manage your money, and why WealthFit works differently
  • Why Dustin struggled to leave his business, and why he refers to it as his “surrender moment”
  • How to get more information about the services Dustin offers and a free course from WealthFit

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