Episode 216: Building Tax-Free Wealth for the Future, with Shannon Goldsmith and Mike Olson

Shannon Goldsmith is a 3rd generation native Angeleno, Los Angeles REALTOR®, Certified Investor Agent, and member of the Global Investor Agent Team.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, is a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, Probate Specialist, and Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource.

She is a former corporate slave who later became a real estate agent. She spent a lot of time in the corporate world working for other people until realizing in her mid-’30s that she couldn’t stick with it anymore. Hence, she was able to transition into real estate and also realized that she’s more interested in the investing side of it rather than the traditional one.

Mike Olson is a Partner and original founding member at WealthPoint. Over the course of his 25+ years in the industry, he has developed a strong expertise in working with ultra-affluent families, business-owners and their teams of advisors to help them evaluate, structure and optimize insurance portfolios to fit into their broader financial plan.

He is originally from Akron, Ohio, earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Miami University of Ohio and soon after moved to Arizona for the weather. He has been married since 1998 and have 3 daughters. In his free time, he participate in and train for triathlons and biathlons, and he enjoy mountain bike riding.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Mike Olson?
  • How did he actually get into the financial services business?
  • Who is Shannon Goldsmith?
  • There are so many things that you can do with life insurance.
  • Mike shares about utilizing policies to help individuals achieve their goals when it comes to investing and other things.
  • What are the features of a good policy?
  • How can someone leverage a policy?
  • Can an individual borrow against the value of the cash value within the policy?
  • What are zero-wash loans?
  • Mike describes fully participating, nondirect recognition.
  • How much is that going to cost when building a policy?
  • Is it possible to pre-fund a life policy?
  • What are some of the things Shannon saw that she wished people knew more of even before talking to her?
  • Mike and Shannon share how they can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Mike Kaeding:

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