Episode 76:

Tamera founded and has run small businesses since her teenage years. At the age of 20, she founded her first multi-million dollar company. Since then she has grown many, many successful businesses both online and off.

She discovered her passion for real estate investing in 2003 and has never looked back. Since that time Tamera Aragon has profited from investing in hundreds of properties to date, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field.

Tamera finds her true passion lies in walking others toward success in the business of any kind. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to success since 2005. In 2014 she received her certification as a Life Coach. She continues to create and offer tools and training designed to support real estate investors as well as all types of entrepreneurs both online and off.

Today, Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect and friendship of many top national business and real estate investing experts.

What You Will Learn:

  • Tamera shares her first deal story.
  • The definition of what “double-closing” means.
  • Why Tamera believes that “We are not invincible” as one of the lessons she learned during her tough times.
  • Tamera introduces John Jackson.
  • How Tamera shares about lease options that she’s been doing from the beginning.
  • Tamera shares her 3 ways of buying a property.
  • Tamera explains what a “cash offer” is.
  • Tamera shares her services if the buyer fails or ruins the property.
  • Tamera recommends getting any of the books of John Jackson.
  • Tamera shares lease option is an option for those who don’t want to take your low cash price and don’t want to be a landlord anymore.
  • Tamera shares her website address.

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